[NASAFACS] Fashion and Apparel NYC Professional Development--May 30-June 2, 2019

Gayla L. Randel grandel at ksde.org
Tue Mar 26 15:53:00 MDT 2019

Hello everyone,

I have organized a NYC trip for my Fashion teachers (new created FCS pathway for fashion, apparel and interior design...used to be part of visual arts) from May 30-June 2.  I am opening it up to any of you who wish to attend as well. Windows Wear has created this awesome opportunity to get behind the scenes of the industry in NYC.  As you may or may not know, Kansas City is becoming a place for new fashion designers to settle and we (FCS programs) are reworking our sewing to fit their needs.  This event will help my teachers make the transition from home sewing to industry sewing, but also to really get an idea of what it means to be in this industry.

I've attached the flyer I developed and the agenda for your review. Please ignore the Kansas comments and the grant link is only for our teachers who qualify (of course), but you can get a picture of what we'll do.

WindowsWear is capping it at 24, but I just want to be sure we meet the minimum of 10.  Let me know if you are interested in the room information.  I am finalizing the block now.  The Avalon hotel is  just a few blocks from this event and easy walking to The Empire State Building, and Times Square.  For those who might not have been, I've been there a number of times with my daughter and will help you maneuver around. I DO plan to come in on May 29th to do a few extra things such as tour Grand Central Station and visit Mood (a three-story fabric store....and yes, there is a fed ex around the corner!)

Let me know your interest.  Thanks, Gayla

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Gayla Randel, CFCS
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Career Standards and Assessment Services
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" If work is good, people come home with renewed energies for their families. And if family life is good, people come with renewed energy for work."  Ellen Galinsky, CEO Family and Work Institute

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