[NASAFACS] Mentorship Survey- Please Pass on to FCS Teachers (middle and high school)

Blatnick-Gagne, Katy Katy.Blatnick-Gagne at ttu.edu
Thu Mar 21 19:23:10 MDT 2019

Dear FCS State Director/Consultant:

Colorado State University and Texas Tech University Family and Consumer Sciences Education departments are working together on a mini-grant that focuses on mentorship programs and self-efficacy of FCS teachers.  We will be applying for a federal grant this summer and are hoping to obtain some good data from the survey that we have created.  We would greatly appreciate you passing along the link below to the FCS teachers in your state.  Feel free to take the survey yourself if you have taught in a FCS classroom.


Thank you,

Dr. Katy Blatnick-Gagne, TTU
Dr. Karen Alexander, TTU
Dr. Dawn Mallette, CSU

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