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Gayla L. Randel grandel at ksde.org
Thu Jul 11 07:48:33 MDT 2019

Could part of this work be to develop marketing for the home school student or private school students as well?  That might help get the 12 minimum members.  G--

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We have looked into a statewide virtual chapter, but were not successful in getting the 12 member minimum. I have two alumni board members, who are retired FCS teachers, to serve as the advisers - one on each side of the state. They were willing to meet with the students if they wanted to compete, etc.

Best wishes! I hope you are successful in starting a chapter.

Denise Morris
State FCCLA Adviser
Oklahoma Dept. of Careertech

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Greetings State Administrators,

Through a USDA grant awarded to NC Agricultural & Technical State University (NCA&T) we our adding our Food and Nutrition I course to the NC Virtual Public School (NCVPS) for NC students to take online. In our conversations with the NCVPS staff we want to ensure access to FCCLA. They are interested in affiliating a statewide virtual chapter, facilitated by a contracted FCS Teacher remotely. They have clubs they support in other areas like honor societies, foreign language clubs, etc. But FFA and FCCLA would be the first CTSOs they would support virtually.  I'm wondering if anyone has experience in establishing and managing a virtual FCCLA chapter and can share any best practices, resources, or suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

Reno A. Palombit, NBCT (he/him/his)

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