[NASAFACS] FW: Seeking CTE Program Nominations

Reno Palombit Reno.Palombit at dpi.nc.gov
Tue Feb 12 14:29:58 MST 2019

Please take the time to nominate 1 or 2 of your best FCS Teachers and FCCLA Advisers!  We need to ensure inclusion of FCS programs in this study!

Looking forward!

Reno Palombit (he/him/his)
Family & Consumer Sciences Education Consultant
NC Department of Public Instruction, Career & Technical Education

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Contribute Your Expertise to Crucial CTE Research

Do you know of a high-quality CTE program? The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Research Network is seeking CTE programs and models in secondary and postsecondary education for an evaluability study, also known as a feasibility study. The study will identify and recommend a number of CTE programs for future research, as part of the network’s mission to expand the evidence base on the impact of career and technical education on student outcomes.

Nominations can represent a broad range of industry career clusters. The CTE Research Network research team will work with representatives of nominated programs to understand such key components as:

  *   Program enrollment process
  *   Students’ experiences in the program
  *   How students’ success in the program is defined

Programs that participate will be included in a report to the U.S. Department of Education. The findings will help advance:

  *   The gathering of crucial data needed to enhance CTE programs across the nation
  *   Documentation of CTE’s impact on student education outcomes

ACTE is pleased to be a part of the newly formed CTE Research Network, funded by the Institute of Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education. The American Institutes for Research and its partners — ACTE, JFF, and Vanderbilt University — serve as the CTE Research Network Lead.

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