[NASAFACS] Needs Assessment Data for Perkins V in Early Childhood

Gayla L. Randel grandel at ksde.org
Wed Aug 21 09:56:29 MDT 2019

As we are building our case for why early childhood careers need to be part of Perkins V as a high need field, I found this link: https://www.ced.org/childcareimpact   It allows you to see the national data but also you state level data. It provides an avenue in addition to any Dept of Labor numbers ( which will likely never capture it as high need due to wages--which is not accurate, but oh well).   I obtained my Kansas data and it's impressive. I'm sharing with CTE curriculum directors and my classroom teachers to share with their advisory committees and administrators to validate why EC should be included in their local needs assessments.

Is anyone else dealing with questions about why non Dept of Labor supported careers should be included in the local needs assessments for Perkins V?

High need is high need, but many of the FCS careers in KS are related to what society indicates they need to meet personal needs, and that future need can't be captured in Dept of Labor data because Dept of Labor is a snapshot of time on one particular date or period of time with already existing companies.  That is weak in that it does not capture innovations which will develop new positions, entrepreneurial opportunity, impact of automation, nor needs based upon human beings....because it hasn't happened yet!  (We can't predict how many foster parents we need or mental health professionals....we just have to accept we will have a need for them!) My struggle is how to ensure local needs assessments include data to support these "not identified" future needs which align to FCS pathways.


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