[NASAFACS] FCCLA Competitive Event Chart (with Levels)

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Thank you for getting this out!  Teachers are ready to start and needing this information.

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State Administrators,

With so many changes, National FCCLA is working very hard to update the Competitive Events Manual for this school year with an anticipated October release. While we anxiously await those changes, NASAFACS requested National FCCLA release a chart of the Events with the levels that are available for competition so teachers can plan accordingly. Remember competitive event levels are now solely determined by grade level and not affiliation type. We hope for this to avoid confusion when training new advisers, reduce time and energy spent on changing affiliation categories, promote fair competition at the national level, and better align to the present and future of Family & Consumer Sciences as all FCS students are preparing for careers.

Special thank you to Sandy and Christine at headquarters for providing the attached document! Feel free to share with your teachers as they prepare their FCCLA program of work and integrated lesson/unit plans for the semester.

Hope this helps,

Reno A. Palombit, NBCT (he/him/his)
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