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Dear Colleagues,

As I reviewed the recommendations for the new visual and read your
conversations about the revision of the Career Clusters and Career
Pathways, I think that we need to represent FCS with one unified voice. How
can we best represent FCS to persons who are not familiar with our work or
the FCS Body of Knowledge?

I encourage my teachers to develop their “elevator speech” for FCS and each
year at the professional development institute, I share how they can
describe FCS. This year, I edited work completed by AAFCS for their message
to “Family and Consumer Sciences is the field of study focused on the
science and art of living well.” When asked why should students enroll in
FCS programs, I would respond (once again paraphrased from AAFCS’ work),
because FCS professionals help people develop the essential knowledge and
skills to lead better lives, be career ready, build resilient families, and
make meaningful contributions to our communities.

Our message needs to be succinct and easy to understand.

In Virginia, we have new graduation requirements, the Profile of a Virginia
Graduate. I have used the visual (four circles overlapping) to illustrate
how FCS fits into each category required for graduation. The four
categories include content knowledge, workplace skills, career exploration,
and community engagement and civic responsibility. Content knowledge
equates to the FCS Body of Knowledge, FCS teachers provide career guidance,
exploration and develop workplace skills in work-based learning, provide
opportunities for leadership development, community engagement and civic
responsibility through participation in FCCLA, and use FCS credentialing
data to measure student achievement. FCS in not Home Economics or Consumer
and Homemaking! We are rigorous, relevant programming that prepares
students for life.

Pause and reflect on FCS programming in your state. Which Career Clusters
and Career Pathways does your state Family and Consumer Sciences program
use? Before FCS professionals create a new visual or make recommendations
to Advance CTE regarding the revision of the career clusters and pathways,
research should be completed to identify which career clusters and pathways
are being used by states for Family and Consumer Sciences programs.

For example, Virginia’s Family and Consumer Sciences program uses the
following Career Clusters and Pathways for the FCS courses. Which career
clusters and pathways are you using in your state? I would predict that
answer varies from state to state.

*Arts, A/V Technology & Communications*


   Visual Arts (Interior Design Sample)

   Visual Arts (Fashion Design)

*Education & Training*


   Administration & Administrative Support

   Professional Support Services

   Teaching and Training

*Hospitality & Tourism*



   Recreation, Amusements & Attractions

   Restaurants and Food / Beverage Services

   Travel & Tourism

*Human Services*


   Consumer Services

   Counseling & Mental Health Services

   Early Childhood Development & Services

   Family & Community Services

   Personal Care Services

   In addition, we identify each course by career cluster in the curriculum
   <http://www.cteresource.org/verso/> and student completers are reported
   to VDOE by the career pathway completed.

The plans of study incorporate both foundational (family focused) courses
and occupational courses to create a completer sequence in the plan of
study for students that prepares them for career and post-secondary

Recommendations for both projects need to be reflective of the current and
emerging FCS. Thank you for the work that you do to promote our profession!

Best Regards,


Helen G. Fuqua


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