[NASAFACS] Framework for FCS in CTE

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I was able to confirm at the NCC CTSO meeting that they are reworking the
Career Clusters.  It was highly recommended that the CTSOs get to provide
some feedback on what they are proposing.  Is someone from NASAFACS on the
update team?

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Thanks for the feedback Mary! Be sure to log in the survey as well.

I will suggest that, while it is a circle, it is very different than the
2009 planning circle- which in a way said everything without meaning
anything. It included every cluster and didn’t create a niche for FCS
within the broader context of CTE. I think our hope with this framework is
that it specifically shows which pathways FCS aligns to.

Looking forward,

*Reno Palombit*

Family & Consumer Sciences Education Consultant

NC Department of Public Instruction, Career & Technical Education


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Thanks for this work but it’s too much like the planning circle developed
about 2009. There is too much info maybe loose the outside rings . Just my
2 cents  mary

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On Aug 29, 2018, at 7:54 PM, Reno Palombit <Reno.Palombit at dpi.nc.gov> wrote:

Greetings State Administrators,

The NASAFACS Board has been working on a graphic to convey a framework for
the role of FCS in CTE. The frameworks’ target audience is local, state and
national CTE administrators. Hopefully the framework will convey how FCS
equips students with both employability skills which may be foundational to
all CTE pathways and specific CTE pathways aligned to the FCS discipline.
You will see we took some creative liberty with the naming of pathways and
cluster areas- it is our understanding that Advance CTE is working to
revise the Career Clusters and we hope this framework will provide an
opportunity to condense and refine the career clusters to better align to
FCS as a program area within CTE. For example, the merging of Education
with Human Services and the inclusion of Food Production (and thus Food
Science) with Hospitality- think Research Chefs.

We are seeking your feedback on two draft options- the feedback you provide
will help the board to finalize the framework. Once finalized we will
develop accompanying text to provide further context and explanation and
then we will send the graphic and text to CTE State Directors, the Alliance
for FCS Education, and other constituents for promotion. The survey
provides the option for you to not only give feedback, but to also opt out
of having the graphic sent to your CTE State Director. If no action is
taken it will be sent to your CTE State Director from NASAFACS.  There is
also an option to add an additional state leader who you may want to
receive the communique. *Please complete the survey by close of business on
Friday, August 31st. *

Eventually, we plan to develop an interactive framework on the NASAFACS
website which will allow interested constituents to see how the FCS
National Standards 3.0 align to various aspects (i.e.- employability
skills, career pathways, and cluster areas).

We know this graphic will not be able to meet all of our needs/wants, but
in my opinion it is way overdue. Having a national unifying framework for
how FCS supports career pathways will allow us all to work toward common
vision of how it should be done. The framework will function as an advocacy
tool and a visioning tool for state and local development of FCS programs.
Ultimately, developing a more consistent application of FCS within the CTE

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and provide feedback.
We understand it is a short turnaround time, but with Perkins V being
legislated this past summer many states are working on their state plans
and as mention Advance CTE is working on the Career Clusters- so we need to
get this finalized as soon as possible.

Link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FCSGraphic

PS- Please do not copy and share the draft frameworks, we will finalize
very soon for you to promote and publicize.

Looking forward,

*Reno A. Palombit, NBCT*

Family & Consumer Sciences
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