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Denise Bodart denise.bodart at realityworks.com
Thu Jun 21 08:31:03 MDT 2018

I am looking for your candid feedback on what you believe should be included in a perfect childcare career simulation experience.  Many of you may be familiar with Realityworks and our infant simulator, RealCare Baby.  For this exercise, pretend you are starting with a clean slate.  We want to know what features and skills that a childcare simulation should include.  If you believe an infant simulation experience is valuable, what skills would you like it to teach? What features should it contain?  Is it simply infant care?  It could be more such as providing random life events for childcare professionals to handle during a simulation experience. It could be parent communication issues, health issues etc.  Also, are there other hands-on resources or things you think should be included in a childcare simulation package?  Our end goal is to create the most useful and relevant product/program possible for teaching transferable childcare career skills.  Thank you in advance for any insight you are willing to share.

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