[NASAFACS] New CTAE/FACS Teacher Conference Ideas

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I am not certain of the reference to “EOPAs” (perhaps we have a different acronym in Oregon ☺ ), but our content requirements for teachers coming from industry include:

☐Introduction to CTE in Oregon
☐Classroom Management
☐Curriculum Design, Instructional Strategies and Assessment
☐Culturally Responsive Practices
☐Human Development for Adolescents
☐Instructional Methodology – Mathematics  OR
☐Instructional Methodology - Literacy
☐Second Language Acquisition   OPTIONAL for Districts who need teachers to have this content background

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Hello All,

In Georgia, we offer a two day conference and a follow up workshop for the new CTE teachers (0-3 years).  This has now become my project.  The format and subjects have been the same for the past couple of years and I’m looking to revamp it.  I want to ensure I’m providing the materials the teachers need.  Like most of you, we have three tiers of teachers: 1. those that went to school to teach, 2. those that came from industry 3. Those that graduated college then ended up teaching.

Do any of you have the same type of training in your state?  What all do you provide?  It can be FACS and/or CTE specific.

Do any of you have any information regarding retention of teachers in your state?  How can we keep them?

Lastly, I’m in search of topics that all of the tiers can benefit from.  We currently have the basics: classroom management, project based learning, lesson planning, CTSO training, differentiated instruction, EOPAs, assessment, and our teacher evaluation system.  What topics are we missing?

Thank you so much for your help!

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