[NASAFACS] Revision of National Standards for FCS Teacher Education

Werhan, Carol R cwerhan at purdue.edu
Tue Jun 5 13:25:25 MDT 2018


The National Association for Teacher Educators for Family and Consumer Sciences (NATEFACS) is seeking your input on potential revisions for the National Standards for FCS Teacher Education.  These need to be aligned with the latest revision of the FCS Standards that were approved last year.  Some of you have already volunteered your time and would have received an email earlier today.  However, we would like more NASAFACS participation, if possible.  The current standards are attached to this email.  As you can see, the teacher standards are very general in order to allow flexibility for curriculum approval, state, and national accreditation.  Those currently reviewing the standards have been divided up into teams based on grouping of the standards.

Mari Borr   mari.borr at ndsu.edu<mailto:mari.borr at ndsu.edu>  is leading the group on 1. Career, Community, and Family Connections / 2. Consumer Economics and Family Resources
Susan Turgeson  susan.turgeson at uwsp.edu<mailto:susan.turgeson at uwsp.edu>  is leading the group on 3. Family and Human Development / 4. Nutrition, Food, and Wellness
Nancy Shepherd  shepherdn at sfasu.edu<mailto:shepherdn at sfasu.edu>  is leading the group on  5. Curriculum Development / 6. Instructional Strategies and Resources
Carol Werhan   cwerhan at purdue.edu<mailto:cwerhan at purdue.edu> is leading the group on 7. Learning Environment / 8. Professionalism
Debbie Handy   handy at wsu.edu<mailto:handy at wsu.edu> is leading the group on  9. Student and Program Assessment / 10. Student Organization Integration (The new FCCLA standards are distributed separately but would fall under this standard.)

If there is a grouping you would like to review, would you please use the form information below and let the team lead know you are participating?
At this time, we ask you to spend no more than 15-25 minutes on both standards.  Read through the standards (see attached) and consider any changes you would recommend based upon changes in the field in the past decade and potential trends and issues facing the field. Then, by June 21 complete the brief survey available at https://goo.gl/forms/D9TZP2bce2gJAYij1 where you will share your responses to the following questions:

              What about the standards do you think is working and should remain?
              What about the standards seems to need revisions?  Is something missing?  Should anything be removed?
              What suggestions for updates do you have?

You may want to revisit the Family and Consumer Sciences National Standards available at http://www.nasafacs.org/national-standards-and-competencies.html as well as the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards at https://www.ccsso.org/resource-library/intasc-model-core-teaching-standards-and-learning-progressions-teachers-10

Please keep in mind that these standards are for what a beginning teacher in family and consumer sciences (FCS) should know and be able to do.

While you may have volunteered for one group, please know that you will have opportunities to share your feedback on the other standards as we continue the review process.

Thank you for your engagement in this process!

President: Susan Turgeson, Ed.D., CFCS     susan.turgeson at uwsp.edu
Secretary:  Debbie Handy    handy at wsu.edu
Treasurer:  Mari Borr            mari.borr at ndsu.edu
President Elect:  Nancy Shepherd       shepherdn at sfasu.edu
Past President:  Carol Werhan     cwerhan at purdue.edu

Susan Turgeson, Ed.D., CFCS
Assistant Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences Educator
National Association of Teacher Educators for Family and
         Consumer Sciences (NATEFACS), President 2017-2018
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
1901 Fourth Avenue
Rm 236 CPS
Stevens Point, WI  54481
Susan.Turgeson at uwsp.edu
(715) 346-2263

Carol R. Werhan, Ph.D
Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education
Purdue University
100 N. University Ave
Beering Hall 3148
West Lafayette, IN  47907

cwerhan at purdue.edu<mailto:cwerhan at purdue.edu>
Cell:  620-687-5173

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Dear NASAFACS members -

Here is the link to the announcement for the availability of $37.5M for triable behavioral health focused on youth.


Once I read it, I will be cross walking grant requirements to our program, Mind Matters<https://www.dibbleinstitute.org/mind-matters/>.

I will share that with this group.



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