[NASAFACS] Middle School Curriculum- Questions for FACS/FCS State Directors

Gayla L. Randel grandel at ksde.org
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Kansas has developed both a set of middle level standards as well as a quality middle level FCS program guide to indicate what a good program should be covering. This program guide allows for local commentary and  lesson  # assignment (relates to a middle level resource KS has developed) should address.  I've attached both for your use.  In addition, we developed a lesson plan template that has been very popular here.  It is called a "universal" design as it inserts time suggestions so one can build from it for local planning regardless of having 45 min or 90 min block classes.  I could share more, but I'm not sure if you need more information.

I have to say we built our work (with permission) from the Indiana middle level FCS resources.

Gayla Randel, Kansas Ed Program Consultant

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See responses below and attachment for North Carolina,

Reno A. Palombit, NBCT
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Hi to all Family and Consumer Sciences State Directors!

The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences is gathering information about Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences programs across the nation.  Through our work with FACS/FCS teachers across the nation, we have found a need for up-to-date middle school based curriculum, and we would like to build a middle school comprehensive curriculum that would be available to all FACS/FCS middle school teachers.  We are the only curriculum center in the U.S. that specializes in resources for Family and Consumer Sciences, and we believe that we can meet the need of middle school teachers across the nation by developing this new resource.

For the first step in this process, we need your help.  We are asking that you answer the following questions for us about the middle school programs in your state:

  1.  Do your programs use middle school FACS/FCS standards?  If so, are they state specific standards or base on the national FCS standards?
Yes, we have standards that are developed at the state-level.

  1.  What are the formats of your middle school FACS classes?  In other words, how long are classes (45 min, 90 min, etc.), how often do classes meet/teachers see students (every day, every other day, etc.), and what is the length of time students are in these classes (one quarter, one semester, one trimester, etc.)?
There is a lot of flexibility, but our standards are delivered in modules, which may be grouped locally to form courses. However, most of our LEAs group the modules into the mini-courses we have suggested.
Essential Standard

Module #

Course Name

FC01 Exploring Family & Consumer Sciences

Understand interpersonal relationships.


FC012YA- Exploring Interpersonal Relationships and Childcare
45 hours

Understand how to care for infants, toddlers, and school-age children. (Inc. Red Cross Babysitter's Certification)


Understand factors that influence nutrition and wellness.


FC012YB- Exploring Nutrition and Wellness
45 hours

Understand factors that influence clothing choice.


FC012YC- Exploring Apparel and Interior Design
45 hours

Understand interior design.


Understand personal finance and resource management (Inc. Everfi certification)


FC012YD- Exploring Personal Finance and Hospitality
45 hours

Understand the basics of food service and hospitality. (Inc. Foodhandler certification)


We'd like to thank you for your time helping us out with this task.  After we gather all the information, we can begin the exciting work of creating resources for all middle school FACS/FCS teachers across the nation.

Thank you,

Shannon Dreessen
CCFCS Middle School Consultant


Dr. Katy Blatnick-Gagné
Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences
Texas Tech University

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