[NASAFACS] state CTE incentive grants?

JEWELL Marnie - ODE marnie.jewell at state.or.us
Mon Nov 20 15:13:08 MST 2017

Oregon provides chapter grants for CTSO’s

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Oregon achieves . . . together!

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Hi Theresa,

In Maryland, we call them Reserve Fund Grants, and like California, we have been doing these grants for years.  Please see the attached document.


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On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 12:56 PM, Melissa Webb <MWebb at cde.ca.gov<mailto:MWebb at cde.ca.gov>> wrote:
Hello Theresa,
In California we have been implementing CTE Incentive Grant for several years. Here is the link with the information: https://www.cde.ca.gov/fg/fo/profile.asp?id=3822
Hope this helps.

Melissa Webb
FCCLA State Advisor
Family and Consumer Sciences
Education Programs Consultant
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Subject: [NASAFACS] state CTE incentive grants?

Dear NASAFACS members –

Is your state currently awarding CTE program incentive grants?  Idaho will be awarding such grants in the future and we are currently designing the application.  I would like to see what other states are asking for on the grant applications.

Starting this year, we will be implementing the Idaho CTE Program Quality Initiative.   We have reoccurring funds to support our approved CTE programs above and beyond the current state added cost funding.

This year the grants will be for technical assistance (ie: supporting efforts to improve a CTE program which includes CTSO involvement).  In the future the grants will be to recognize programs for meeting program expectations (such as TSA and WRA passing rates and CTSO).

We are starting at ground zero with our application development and I would love to see what other states might be doing.  (I have been told there isn’t a model out there, but I thought I would as this group just in case)

Thank you in advance –

Theresa Golis

Theresa Golis, M.Ed,  NBCT
Family and Consumer Sciences Program Quality Manager, FCCLA State Adviser

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