[NASAFACS] Information needed - Middle School - Food Sciences

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Attaching our Foods II- Technology Course Blueprint. It was developed primarily by Janet Ward, retired NC FACS Teacher and author of Principles of Food Science<https://www.g-w.com/principles-of-food-science-2015>.

This is one of 2 FACS Courses offered as inherently honors. While all NC CTE Courses may be developed into an honors-level course, a handful of courses are deemed inherently honors. Meaning the NCDPI curriculum is of sufficient rigor that teachers do not need to extend or rigoroize the course to make it honors.

Hope this helps,

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In Utah we have three courses that are taught in our middle schools/junior high schools.

*         A number of our middle schools now have 6th grade FACS courses.  Attached are the strands and standards for this course.  You can find lesson plans for this class in our FACS File Cabinet drawer for 6th grade FACS.  Here is the link: http://www.uen.org/cte/facs_cabinet/facs_cabinet6.shtml

*         In Utah, the 7th grade college and career awareness course has a section FACS educators teach.  This class is a state mandated CTE college and career exploration course.  Attached are the strands and standards for this course.  This course is a yearlong course.

*         Our 8th grade FACS course is called FACS Exploration.  This is available to FACS programs in three different semester models. 1) an integrated FACS semester model; 2) interior design, clothing and textile construction, fashion design and merchandising, consumerism, entrepreneurship and career and job-related tasks; 3) food science and nutrition, childcare, consumerism, entrepreneurship, family relationships, personal responsibility, and career and job-related tasks.  You can find teaching materials and course support documents for this class in our FACS File Cabinet drawer for FACS Exploration.  Here is the link: http://www.uen.org/cte/facs_cabinet/facs_cabinet8.shtml

*         Here is the link to the FACS main page at UEN that supports courses with lesson plans, curriculum guides and a link to the FACS file cabinet. http://www.uen.org/cte/family/index.shtml   Strands and Standards for all our FACS courses are located here.  In addition, we have performance objectives students must complete when a course has and end of course Precision Exams test.  None of our middle school programs have end of course tests.  The FACS 6th grade and 8th grade courses are non CTE funded.
Our Food Sciences course is under review.  Next year we will partner with industry and higher education to update the strands for this course.  We will be working with one LEA to partner this course with chemistry courses in their schools.  We want students to take chemistry and food sciences together at the same time so they can learn content and put the content into practice in the FACS labs.   Attached are our current strands and standards for this course.  We are also working to have this course a high school science graduation course.

Warm regards,
Pearl Hart, CFCS
Family and Consumer Sciences Education Specialist
Utah State Board of Education
250 East 500 South| PO Box 144200 |Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4200 |801.538.7890
http://www.schools.utah.gov/cte/facs.html |http://www.uen.org/cte/family/index.shtml

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Please note Utah has a very broad public records law.  Most written communication to or from our state employees regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your email communication may be subject to public disclosure.

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Good Morning,

I hope you all are well.  I am submitting a proposal to add our middle school FACS programs programs back into our schools as well as adding Food Science or Chemistry of Foods to our list of offered courses. If you would not mind and if you offer these, would you share a  copy of what those programs look like in your state?  Also, we are adding Food Science and Nutrition and Dietetics as a pathway and I have submitted a request to consider it be added under FCS, they are currently looking to add it under AG ( Food Science) and  Health Services   (Nutrition and Dietetics). If you have anything to share in regards to how your state handles this, please share as well.

Thank you all so much. Hope to see you all in Dallas.

Janie Leach M.A.Ed ECH/ADM

FCS, Early Childhood, Culinary Art, Teacher Academy

Mississippi Department of Education

jleach at mde.k12.ms.us<mailto:jleach at mde.k12.ms.us>


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