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We have a new Secondary program, Nutrition and Food Science program in FACS - yay!   It was originally in FACS, but then when we went to Clusters, it was put in Ag.  It is now in Hospitality & Tourism cluster, but has FACS teacher certification allowed.

Best -

Anne L. Nyman
State Supervisor
Education & Training,
Finance, Hospitality & Tourism
Division of Career & Adult Education
850-245-9900 Office

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Good Morning,

I hope you all are well.  I am submitting a proposal to add our middle school FACS programs programs back into our schools as well as adding Food Science or Chemistry of Foods to our list of offered courses. If you would not mind and if you offer these, would you share a  copy of what those programs look like in your state?  Also, we are adding Food Science and Nutrition and Dietetics as a pathway and I have submitted a request to consider it be added under FCS, they are currently looking to add it under AG ( Food Science) and  Health Services   (Nutrition and Dietetics). If you have anything to share in regards to how your state handles this, please share as well.

Thank you all so much. Hope to see you all in Dallas.

Janie Leach M.A.Ed ECH/ADM

FCS, Early Childhood, Culinary Art, Teacher Academy

Mississippi Department of Education

jleach at mde.k12.ms.us<mailto:jleach at mde.k12.ms.us>


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