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Dear Colleagues,

As you begin your work on the NASAFACS Vision and Mission statements,
please read this article
the data analysis from the National Center for Education Statistics
(NCES) identifying the shifts in CTE course taking patterns, specifically *“
The primary decline was in what NCES classifies as general labor market
preparation courses and Family and Consumer Sciences courses (NCES
differentiates between these and occupational courses).” *After reading the
article, expand the Vision and Mission revision assignment to include the
identification and implementation of strategies that would get
recommendations from family and consumer science professionals to the
appropriate decision makers who would provide the necessary support to
sustain family and consumer sciences programs. The NASAFACS Purposes should
serve as a guide for the work of revising the Vision and Mission
statements. The purposes are included below for your reference.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays with family and friends.



The purposes of this association shall be:

A. To provide a national network for group expression and group action on
issues of national importance to Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

B. To provide opportunity for discussion and for attaining mutual
understanding of the responsibilities of state leadership for Family and
Consumer Sciences Education.

C. To provide an avenue for disseminating information to strengthen and
improve Family and Consumer Sciences Education in schools.

D. To advocate for Family and Consumer Sciences Education with
organizations and agencies working for common goals.

E. To contribute to factual information of benefit to Family and Consumer
Sciences Education on a national basis.

F. To promote student, teacher, and state participation in Family, Career,
and Community Leaders of America Inc. (FCCLA) programs and activities, the
goals and objectives of the national career and technical student
organization and its co-curricular relationship to Family and Consumer
Sciences Education.

Helen G. Fuqua
facsleader at gmail.com
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