[NASAFACS] [UCE] Today's webinar on FCS Careers and Career Readiness Skills

Daila Boufford dboufford at aafcs.org
Wed Nov 6 07:28:07 MST 2013

Good morning colleagues!

Happy post-election day.  :)

I wanted to be sure you knew about our webinar at 4pm ET today, Career Skillet - Engaging Youth in Career Skills and FCS Career Opportunities.  This is going to be a lively discussion about an exciting new tool that helps educators engage students in career readiness skills.  This tool, developed by Dr. Mikki Sherwood and Dr. Jill Bowers provides many resources that promote FCS Careers.  Please consider joining us today at 4pm ET.

If you have any trouble viewing the webinar description below, please visit:  http://tinyurl.com/me9efka

Also - coming up next week on Nov. 14th, Dr. Axton Betz will be presenting Identity Theft: The Latest Scams, Emotional Consequences, and How to Protect Yourself.  Identity theft is on the rise, with 9.1 million victims every year, but little is understood about how it affects individuals beyond financial damages.  Learn about the social, physical, and financial consequences as well as three new forms of identity theft emerging today - including stealing ones' medical records.  For more information, visit:  http://tinyurl.com/msyffbc.

Please share this information with those on your mailing lists - and remember to encourage your colleagues to use the registration code NASAFACS to receive a $10 discount on registration fees!

Have a great day!

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Brought to you by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

Career Skillet:  Engaging Youth in Career Skills
and FCS Career Opportunities
Webinar Crosswalk<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Du6pWKcklRzqikltpOyq8JxoNidy7dZSae5zTxomSKrQ18D3QyR61oETkJP42Estl5JGzrtaYcWGVvY_E816p-I8EQExUEWhOTyLlpUKx9lHC2JOl6_G23ufWaCOL7OPdGq7sCqmN3xFv4BdkEihhmTdW8HoA0HAMY1nXMa3Qml7DLyvJXhqyQ==>

Wednesday, November 6th at 4:00pm Eastern Time
Add to Calendar<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Du6pWKcklRzqikltpOyq8JxoNidy7dZSae5zTxomSKrQ18D3QyR61oETkJP42Estl5JGzrtaYcWGVvY_E816p1UL1vIZk_twr_GkVU_Z0QvHBw90L18aK5swP4d0rEJnnm5RU2IVswyXM2C0korUsXrt-Wh4DQOrZ2N5RuMXhULUNts839JmuouV5w8q6p9menPrT3UyoFBW_ijGMnv2bQ==>


Have we gone too far in moving kids into early decisions regarding their future careers?

  *   Completion rates for college and tech schools continue to drop.
  *   Lack of engagement or passion with course content has surfaced as a key reason for low retention rates.
  *   Colleges, tech schools, and even employers are frustrated by the lack of life skills in today's youth and young adults.
  *   Much of the population has a misperception of family and consumer sciences and thus may not consider FCS as a career field.

Research reveals that many youth may be lacking knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to achieve their potential for a successful transition to college, career fields.....even adulthood.

Discover a new tool for engaging youth where they are-online! Examine how the Career Skillet website is successfully engaging students and young adults in activities to explore career options, strengthen life skills, and learn more about what they can do with a degree in family and consumer sciences.

Register now for this AAFCS educational webinar (1.5 PDUs):

Career Skillet:  Engaging Youth in Career Skills

and FCS Career Opportunities

Presented by:  Mikki Sherwood, PhD, and Jill Bowers, PhD

90-minute program

Wednesday, November 6th at 4:00pm ET

AAFCS Webinar Crosswalk<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Du6pWKcklRzqikltpOyq8JxoNidy7dZSae5zTxomSKrQ18D3QyR61oETkJP42Estl5JGzrtaYcWGVvY_E816p-I8EQExUEWhOTyLlpUKx9lHC2JOl6_G23ufWaCOL7OPdGq7sCqmN3xFv4BdkEihhmTdW8HoA0HAMY1nXMa3Qml7DLyvJXhqyQ==>

Register Now!<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Du6pWKcklRzqikltpOyq8JxoNidy7dZSae5zTxomSKrQ18D3QyR61oETkJP42Estl5JGzrtaYcWGVvY_E816p1UL1vIZk_twr_GkVU_Z0QvHBw90L18aK5swP4d0rEJnnm5RU2IVswyEM8vxGPqswtxb0PYRmTV1lPtLgGJGo99uz42-Ab6d7SrrasdN26KkCNFMI5NrBqIre57lTsuFktMVUvfiSrXwDzP30UAJm1DEqjN1U4jqtA==>

$35 for AAFCS members ($50 for non-members)

Use our Bundled Pricing Discount<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Du6pWKcklRzqikltpOyq8JxoNidy7dZSae5zTxomSKrQ18D3QyR61oETkJP42Estl5JGzrtaYcWGVvY_E816p1UL1vIZk_twr_GkVU_Z0QvHBw90L18aK5swP4d0rEJnnm5RU2IVswyEM8vxGPqswteqA6xIYLT3nDkHzS2Y_5zY0y2Nt4atiKGAojz-VrhHEw80CCxRT2nM4X8BY9yXZj8C92Iw9I-C> to save on registration!

Launched in June, the website was designed through participatory action research methodology and has been receiving rave reviews


In just 90 minutes, you will learn more about:

  *   Research regarding how to effectively engage youth in online programming
  *   How to integrate Career Skillet into your programs

  *   Encouraging exploration of FCS as a career field and empowering FCS majors to be able to successfully market themselves

  *   Creative, stimulating, and cutting edge methods to engage youth through interactive technology

Online program delivery offers the most potential for helping many older youth because they are hard to reach through traditional programming. Many are already online or engaged in online activities for a significant amount of time each day.

The webinar presenters will walk participants through the website with screenshots, describe how the site is being used in classrooms, and explain how you can tailor assignments to Career Skillet.

You will see why this website is being hailed as a powerful resource for youth to go to for information on life in general-social skills, life skills, social media tips-as well as for career information. Here are just a few topics addressed on Career Skillet:

  *   How to utilize job fairs
  *   How to dress for job interviews
  *   Balancing social problems with professional work
  *   Tips to use when emailing professors
  *   Time management
  *   Taking stock of your digital habits
  *   Joining professional organizations-are membership dues worth it?
  *   The handshake-what does it say about you?
  *   Digital tattoos: View a Ted Talks video on the subject

Handouts and other resources will be provided at this webinar.

Invest 90 minutes now and watch your students truly enjoy exploring their career options while they strengthen their life skills and prepare themselves for the post high-school transitions!

About the Presenter:  Mikki Sherwood, PhD, has a Master's degree in Family & Consumer Sciences and a PhD in Early Childhood Education/Child Psychology. A frequent presenter nationally and internationally, sheis a professor at Eastern Illinois University and is Coordinator of the School of Family & Consumer Sciences Infant and Child Development Laboratories.

Who should register?  This webinar addresses career skills and each area within FCS; it does not focus on one professional/content area. Therefore, all FCS professionals who work with older adolescents or emerging adults would benefit from this presentation-specifically, FCS teachers, CTE teachers, college professors, those doing career placement on college campuses, and even prospective employers.

Not able to attend on November 6?  No problem. This event will be archived on the AAFCS website for the same low registration rates.

Purchase a webinar bundle<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Du6pWKcklRzqikltpOyq8JxoNidy7dZSae5zTxomSKrQ18D3QyR61oETkJP42Estl5JGzrtaYcWGVvY_E816p1UL1vIZk_twr_GkVU_Z0QvHBw90L18aK5swP4d0rEJnnm5RU2IVswyEM8vxGPqswteqA6xIYLT3nDkHzS2Y_5zY0y2Nt4atiKGAojz-VrhHEw80CCxRT2nM4X8BY9yXZj8C92Iw9I-C> and save on registration!

Register Now!<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Du6pWKcklRzqikltpOyq8JxoNidy7dZSae5zTxomSKrQ18D3QyR61oETkJP42Estl5JGzrtaYcWGVvY_E816p1UL1vIZk_twr_GkVU_Z0QvHBw90L18aK5swP4d0rEJnnm5RU2IVswyEM8vxGPqswtxb0PYRmTV1lPtLgGJGo99uz42-Ab6d7SrrasdN26KkCNFMI5NrBqIre57lTsuFktMVUvfiSrXwDzP30UAJm1DEqjN1U4jqtA==>

I can't make it<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Du6pWKcklRzqikltpOyq8JxoNidy7dZSae5zTxomSKrQ18D3QyR61oETkJP42Estl5JGzrtaYcWGVvY_E816p1UL1vIZk_twr_GkVU_Z0QvHBw90L18aK5swP4d0rEJnnm5RU2IVswxdWS_DQ5XaWJjqM0ji57jdPJKAUIwdcCTs4gWGO4t-e_48mFQNQm-v-gK1msOZ1ynrG7fHkKeD1utUOicpGgFvPpHHGvUKJCk3ZUkMZtJX7A==>
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If you work at a higher ed institution and would be interested in using any of our webinars as content for your classes, please contact me.  Special site license rates are available!

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We believe you will find our professional development events to be of high quality and unique value.  Our goal is to provide you with a great online learning experience.  Our webinar tool is very easy to use and we offer technical support before and during our events. However, if you should encounter technical difficulties during the webinar that impede your learning in any way, we will either correct the problem or refund 100% of your registration fee.

If you register for the webinar and are not able to attend on the scheduled date, you will receive a link to the archived copy of the event, which is available 24/7.  No refunds will be given for non-attendance.

AAFCS Virtual Professional Development: Get Inspired. Get Jazzed. Get With It!


Daila Boufford
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
dboufford at aafcs.org<mailto:dboufford at aafcs.org>
703 706-4609

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