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I hope everyone is doing well as our educators head back into the classroom!  As we kick off the beginning of a new webinar season at AAFCS, I'd like to share some exciting news!

AAFCS will be offering a $10 discount off webinar purchases when registrants use the code NASAFACS.  Simply forward the webinar description below to the educators on your list and tell them to enter NASAFACS in the "Promo Code" section.

Our first webinar of the season, FitKids, focuses on utilizing a holistic approach to combat childhood obesity.  The presenter, Dr. Holly Kihm, is an Assistant Professor in family and consumer sciences at Southeastern Louisiana University.  She began working with obese children as a child life specialist in the hospital setting.   This webinar will be a great resource for our Secondary Educators that are working with students at risk of obesity in the classroom.  If you cannot view the full description below, please visit http://tinyurl.com/m2xmfsf.

We are also offering a Back to School special<http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=kql6x9dab&oeidk=a07e7fq2vl455b569ae> - Buy 3 NEW upcoming webinars, and receive 1 ARCHIVED webinar for no additional charge.  This offer is good until September 6th.  The $10 NASAFACS discount also applies to this special!

I am looking forward to working with you all in the coming months!


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Subject: FitKids: A Multidisciplinary Weight Management Program for Children
[PDC Banner]

Brought to you by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

9-19-13 FitKids: A Multidisciplinary Weight Management Program for Children and Youth

Thursday, September 19th at 4pm ET
Add to Calendar<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0012uQKeybzGcW2pZ9zUGeh1act-x7g5HPXSiIlmtKTB5DZ7wGUgsxuffqlnQpLE-h2O1nVpgMvRLaszz1GoExDHYLxl7tUF9XBRZtE7Zs2jDll9DgxiCq88EwGRMcbwdfHsNnp0noRdR_iRCZtky46FqCS8JdgdAcTlbVzkrCSKlG7dTvIuoDTDIk5Zhjh8qjtFjo8RLoNVCI_36ra4jN5Fw==>

Dear Daila,

Many programs are available for tackling the heart-wrenching and dangerous problem of child and adolescent obesity.  But most of them are focused on only one area, such as exercise, or healthy eating. And most are developed for use with all children.

Dr. Holly Kihm believes that the most successful route to weight management for children and youth is a multidisciplinary, holistic one that is geared specifically to those who are already obese.  She set out to find one that incorporates all three of the essential components of an obesity program-nutrition education, exercise, and psycho-social factors.

Such a program did not exist.  She decided to develop one that would pull together all the best aspects of the many programs she reviewed.  She modified them to be suitable for kids ages 6 to 13 who were already overweight.  Thus, FitKids was born-and early test results are proving that it works.

Dr. Kihm will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest information on child and adolescent obesity, the underlying concepts of FitKids, and why it is ideal for family and consumer sciences.

Register now for this AAFCS educational webinar (1.5 PDUs):

FitKids: A Multidisciplinary Weight Management
Program for Children and Youth

Presented by Holly Kihm, PhD, CCLS, CFLE

90-minute program

September 19, 2013, 4:00 PM ET

Register Now!<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0012uQKeybzGcW2pZ9zUGeh1act-x7g5HPXSiIlmtKTB5DZ7wGUgsxuffqlnQpLE-h2O1nVpgMvRLaszz1GoExDHYLxl7tUF9XBRZtE7Zs2jDll9DgxiCq88EwGRMcbwdfHsNnp0noRdR9FNbscHkBIyd1WNeuFCbfNFCinjHDzWaaS0jHK4n0_1jLccqk8KAoFPDOXtC-wnsr2_acMr7k3iqYJJfB6p7_onDCj9TCNM-dIdbOjDrRNhg==>

$35 for AAFCS members ($50 for non-members)

Register by September 6th and save on registration! <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0012uQKeybzGcW2pZ9zUGeh1act-x7g5HPXSiIlmtKTB5DZ7wGUgsxuffqlnQpLE-h2O1nVpgMvRLaszz1GoExDHYLxl7tUF9XB3ZEmXj0gnhdVQmwXdiQtyNniJgxMN2LVNvfYAJ6w13XoB1fmQZL2OkOnA2j6gygz0GjJPJpkAB3P-yO4BQnVgY-lbEMk6XitZM1_kgHAZLiJI-5kccKmOoiJbxgJGGqD>

As a nation, we have made modest progress in dealing with childhood and adolescent obesity, however, it remains a significant health crisis:  17%, or 12.5 million, of kids ages 2 to 19 are obese.  And that is triple the rate from just the 1980s.

This webinar will bring you up to date on the current situation and will offer you powerful and effective strategies for addressing the issue from a holistic perspective. You will hear about the most widely used programs in use today and you will take a deeper look at the 12-week FitKids program, designed specifically for obese children and adolescents.

In just 90 minutes, you will learn about:

  *   Trends, current statistics, and recent studies of childhood and adolescent obesity
  *   The key contributors to overweight and obesity among this age group
  *   The various consequences to obesity including: physical, psychological, economical
  *   The most successful weight management programs, including formal programs, school-based initiatives, family-based programs, and bariatric surgery options for teens
  *   Why weight management (for children and adolescents who are healthy weight and for those who are not at a healthy weight) is a multidisciplinary effort.

In addition to the topics above, this webinar will walk you through the one-of-a-kind FitKids program that can be used across the entire spectrum of family and consumer sciences and can be adapted for any age group from 6 to 13.  Dr. Kihm will explain how she introduced age-appropriate activities to help kids understand concepts such as what calories really are or how much sugar is in a can of soda.  Physical activities and exercises were modified to be more realistic for obese children who, for example, may struggle with jumping rope.

And through special units that focus on peer relationships, body image, and responding to teasing, FitKids addresses the painful self-esteem issues that affect obese kids.

You will also hear about the exciting results of the FitKids pilot study-in terms of before and after measurements, self-concept scores, and weight loss.

If you are an instructor, you will be able to incorporate FitKids into your lesson plans about obesity.  The program also can be used in any youth development initiative or in settings such as the YMCA, after-school, or community program.

Register now<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0012uQKeybzGcW2pZ9zUGeh1act-x7g5HPXSiIlmtKTB5DZ7wGUgsxuffqlnQpLE-h2O1nVpgMvRLaszz1GoExDHYLxl7tUF9XBRZtE7Zs2jDll9DgxiCq88EwGRMcbwdfHsNnp0noRdR9FNbscHkBIyd1WNeuFCbfNFCinjHDzWaaS0jHK4n0_1jLccqk8KAoFPDOXtC-wnsr2_acMr7k3iqYJJfB6p7_onDCj9TCNM-dIdbOjDrRNhg==> and discover new ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle through a flexible, multidisciplinary, holistic approach that is tailored to children and adolescents who are already considered obese.

About the Presenter:

Holly Kihm, PhD, CCLS, CFLE, an Assistant Professor in family and consumer sciences at Southeastern Louisiana University, began working with obese children as a child life specialist in the hospital setting. In her doctoral studies, dissertation, and further research, she focused on the psychosocial aspects of child and youth obesity. She is a frequent presenter on the topic.

Who should register?  Extensions agents, FCS teachers, dietitians, and other instructors focused on nutrition and child and adolescent development as well as students who are preparing for a career in FCS, health, or nutrition.

Not able to attend on September 19?  No problem. This event will be archived on the AAFCS website for the same low registration rates.

Register Now!<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0012uQKeybzGcW2pZ9zUGeh1act-x7g5HPXSiIlmtKTB5DZ7wGUgsxuffqlnQpLE-h2O1nVpgMvRLaszz1GoExDHYLxl7tUF9XBRZtE7Zs2jDll9DgxiCq88EwGRMcbwdfHsNnp0noRdR9FNbscHkBIyd1WNeuFCbfNFCinjHDzWaaS0jHK4n0_1jLccqk8KAoFPDOXtC-wnsr2_acMr7k3iqYJJfB6p7_onDCj9TCNM-dIdbOjDrRNhg==>

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I can't make it<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0012uQKeybzGcW2pZ9zUGeh1act-x7g5HPXSiIlmtKTB5DZ7wGUgsxuffqlnQpLE-h2O1nVpgMvRLaszz1GoExDHYLxl7tUF9XBRZtE7Zs2jDll9DgxiCq88EwGRMcbwdfHsNnp0noRdR_GozcjsY4W6Yy-8eWX7H_xTUhpk-f6igGXTJK9rEjmbFzyLlQZswddgNHUVwa_sL5oAnjG0GlgUtX9xPeryh1fK2I7lNvyfrxOZSJfPT7U1g==>
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