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Thanks for your message, Gayla.  The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has invited me to serve as the AAFCS representative on a stakeholders group for the standards revision Gayla noted.  I will have some advisory voice, but will not be on the review committee itself.  That said, let me pass along some more information that may be helpful to you as you consider the nomination opportunity:

  *   The 12-15 member committee they are seeking nominations for will address all areas of Career and Technical Education as a whole.  So, breadth of that scope will really put pressure on appointing members with some breadth of content, administrative, and/or teacher preparation background.  They guaranteed a minimum of one representative from each of the CTE disciplines, but also pointed out that they will want representation from teacher-educators, administrators, researchers, national board certified educators, and others who will have a valued voice in this process.  So, nominees who could represent multiple viewpoints will be sought in order to "get all of the bases covered" with only 12-15 members .
  *   The intent is to have discipline-specific standards that are a combination of standards that are common across all CTE disciplines along with standards that are discipline-specific.  Input from the stakeholders group was clear...when working on the discipline-specific standards, there would be value to having a subcommittee of content experts involved in the discussions and making recommendations to the larger committee.  National Board staff expressed receptivity to that approach.  So, content specialists not selected for the general committee may still be considered for potential subcommittee appointments.

When you look at the announcement contained in the link that Gayla shared, you will see the following link to a Survey Monkey nomination process  (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CTEApplication).  The survey includes an annotated list of National Board Certification areas being considered for CTE.

 Arts and Communications. (for example, media arts, writing and related arts, and graphic arts.)
 Business, Marketing, Information Management, and Entrepreneurship. (for example, accounting and finance, information systems, administrative office technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship.)
 Family and Consumer Sciences. (for example, nutrition and wellness, family relations and human development, child and elder care, clothing and textiles industries, hospitality industries, housing decision making, and home living and maintenance.)
 Health Services. (for example, nursing, psychiatry, rehabilitative therapy, hospital administration, and medical records.)
 Human Services. (for example, preschool or day care, law and legal studies, law enforcement, public administration, child and family services, religion, and social services.)
 Manufacturing and Engineering Technology. (for example, carpentry, electronics, plumbing, masonry, mechanics and repair technology, and automotive maintenance.)
 Technology Education. (for example, communication systems, transportation systems, manufacturing systems, and construction systems.)

There was some discussion with the stakeholders group about the above list of disciplines and descriptions.  There was some question about whether there should be 16 certification areas that mirror the 16 Career Cluster areas.  It doesn't seem that that will be the case.  Rather, the discipline-specific certification areas that result from this process may coincide with the list above.  Thus, for many reasons, the discipline list and accuracy in the wording of the discipline descriptions could be very important.

As a result of some concerns about wording expressed by the stakeholders group, the National Board staff has agreed to consider some suggestions for description refinements from the stakeholders group.  So, I expect that other stakeholders will join me in making some suggestions.  I don't know what the outcome will be, but feel compelled to provide input, especially relative to "Family and Consumer Sciences"  and "Human Services."   I welcome your suggestions for how those two areas should be handled.  Please provide specific suggestions and rationale by August 7.

Thanks for your valuable input!
Gay Nell

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Here is an opportunity for FCS administrators to work on the CTE teaching standards updates if you haven't received this notice as of today. I believe the deadline is shortly approaching.  Gayla Randel

Gayla Randel, CFCS
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The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is accepting applications for the committee responsible for reviewing and revising Career and Technical Education Standards.

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