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Good Morning!


Please share the information below with your educators.  Dr. Candace Fox
of Mount Vernon Nazarene University will be presenting on how cultural
and social aspects affect our behaviors around food and lifestyle
choices.  In our increasingly diverse classrooms, understanding cultural
influences can have a significant impact on how students embrace


This webinar will be offered live on Thursday, October 4th at 4pm
Eastern Time.  It will also be archived for those who are unable to join


Be sure to encourage your educators to use the registration code
NASAFACS when registering!


To see a full list of the webinar schedule (as well as a list of AAFCS
archived webinars) visit:


Have a great day!

Daila Boufford

Director of Professional Development and Market Research, AAFCS

dboufford at aafcs.org





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Brought to you by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

Healthy Family and Consumer Sciences Classrooms: New Perspectives on
Social and Cultural Factors

Webinar Crosswalk


Thursday, October 4th at 4pm Eastern Time

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Big Food: Health, Culture and the Evolution of Eating

Big Food: Health, Culture and the Evolution of Eating


The guidelines for living a healthy lifestyle change with new research
and as we age.  And today, social and cultural factors influence
lifestyle choices in areas such as nutrition and physical activity more
than ever before.  Learn how to use the latest research-based
information and resources to showcase a healthy lifestyle.


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A healthy lifestyle is about more than counting your daily servings of
vegetables and pumping iron in the gym.   It is about overall physical,
mental, and social well-being. 


Achieving a healthy lifestyle involves forming good habits, learning how
to make decisions, and developing problem-solving, skills.  There is no
better place to learn these skills than the family and consumer sciences


And there is another vital dimension that teachers must master to create
a Healthy FCS Classroom-understanding the many social and cultural
factors that come into play in today's multicultural classrooms.  


Learn how to use the latest research-based information and resources to
showcase a healthy lifestyle that is relevant for the diverse FCS
classrooms of the 21st century.


Register now for this AAFCS educational webinar (1.5 PDUs):


Healthy Family and Consumer Sciences Classrooms:

New Perspectives on Social and Cultural Factors


Presented by Candace K. Fox, PhD, CFCS, CFLE

90-minute program


Thursday, October 4th at 4pm ET 


AAFCS Webinar Crosswalk

Check with your state or district to see if this webinar is approved for
CEU credit!


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$35 for AAFCS members ($50 for non-members)

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GHoakh2OxHQyD6ZxWt5GQkpbfyofvA==>  to save on registration!


More than 1,000 students from foreign countries enter U.S. schools every
day.  Our nation is growing more and more culturally and linguistically
diverse each day.....creating both a challenge and an opportunity for
FCS teachers to be agents of change, and the FCS classroom to be a model
for healthy living.


At the same time, guidelines for living a healthy lifestyle are
constantly changing as we absorb new research developments and learn
more about the adolescent brain and human behavior.  As a result,
professionals often have difficulty keeping pace with the changes, let
alone applying it to our classrooms.


This webinar will bring you up to date and offer you powerful and
effective methods for teaching your students why it is important to
build a healthy lifestyle and how they can do it within their own social
and cultural framework.  From research-based nutrition information to
model lesson plans and culturally responsive activities, you will come
away with a wide range of resources that you can put to use right away


In just 90 minutes, you will know how to: 

*	Identify social and cultural factors that influence healthy
lifestyle choices.
*	Determine ways to showcase the healthy lifestyle information
within classrooms, schools, and communities.
*	Develop an understanding of how problem solving can help
individuals make healthy lifestyle choices.
*	Create and apply healthy choices within the classroom related to
healthy lifestyle choices.

Get ready to inject some new life into your curriculum and create a
Healthy FCS Classroom at your school!  And your students will walk away
with not only essential life skills, but also a deeper understanding of
why a healthy lifestyle matters.


And here's a bonus benefit of having a Healthy FCS Classroom:

To sustain FCS programs in schools, we need to have a product that
everyone wants, not the old outdated model. Classrooms (and teachers)
that advocate a healthy lifestyle might be that product.


About the Presenter:

Candace K. Fox, PhD, CFCS, CFLE, has been teaching Family and Consumer
Sciences    content courses, including Nutrition, at Mount Vernon
Nazarene University for 28 years.  She has taught Nutrition to FCS
majors as well as Physical Education and Nursing  majors.  She
integrates aspects of a healthy lifestyle in her content, including
physical  activity, culture, socioeconomic factors, age, and gender. The
applied focus of her work  requires her to stay up-to-date on current
research and resources. 



Who should register?   FCS teachers in middle and high school as well as
teacher educators at the college level. Teacher education students, who
often are searching for model lesson plans, will find this webinar


Not able to attend on October 4?  No problem. This event will be
archived on the AAFCS website for the same low registration rates.





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scheduled date, you will receive a link to the archived copy of the
event, which is available 24/7.  No refunds will be given for


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