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Daila Boufford dboufford at aafcs.org
Wed Sep 19 08:43:49 MDT 2012

Good Morning,


AAFCS is happy to announce we are partnering with NASAFACS on a new
initiative.  As you disseminate information to the educators in your
state regarding preparations for the school year and professional
development opportunities, please take a moment to review the
information below and include what is applicable in your material.  As
you may know, AAFCS has a virtual professional development program,
which offers professional webinars on a variety of content areas
throughout the year.  Currently there are 37 archived webinars available
for viewing on demand and an additional 10 live webinars scheduled for
this Fall.  To see the full list of webinars, click here
<http://www.aafcs.org/DevelopmentCenter/Webinars.asp>  (


NASAFACS is partnering with AAFCS to help spread the word about these
high quality professional development webinars.  Based on the number of
registrants using the special promo code "NASAFACS", AAFCS will be
providing some financial support to NASAFACS.  Here is what you can do
to help NASAFACS, AAFCS, and your teachers:


*         Each webinar description will be posted on the NASAFACS
listserv.  If you believe the webinar content could be beneficial to
educators in your state, please forward the email to your state mailing

*         In advance of the webinar description being posted, AAFCS will
email a Save the Date notice about the event.

*         When forwarding the email, encourage your educators to use the
registration code "NASAFACS" when registering.  This is important, as it
helps AAFCS provide financial support to the NASAFACS organization!

*         Recommend the use of AAFCS webinars for teacher in-service
days and other local and district or regional professional development

*         To aid in AAFCS webinars being recognized for teacher
licensure clock hours, all webinars have now been cross-walked to the
National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education and to the
Pre-Professional Assessments and Certifications (Pre-PAC) exam
competencies.  This will allow you to more easily customize your
personal professional development plan for the year. To see the
cross-walk information, click here
<http://www.aafcs.org/DevelopmentCenter/Webinarscrosswalked.asp>  (
http://www.aafcs.org/developmentcenter/webinarscrosswalked.asp).  Please
let AAFCS know if we can provide additional information to help in
getting these webinars approved for CEUs in your state!


To see the full schedule of upcoming Fall webinars click here
7e69xwg3a69e2fdb3>  (


The first AAFCS webinar of the season is today at 4pm Eastern Time!  Dr.
Lorna Browne will be presenting Victims, Bullies, Bystanders and Their
Families:  The Unique Role for Family and Consumer Sciences in the
Bullying Epidemic
7e6b878xi4b69de10> .  It is not too late to register, so please help
spread the word!


Thank you for your support on this endeavor!


Daila Boufford





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