[NASAFACS] State of Kansas agency partnership with financial support.

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Tue Sep 4 17:46:26 MDT 2012

Gayla,  What a fabulous partnership with DCF!!  This is a model  for other 
states to consider implementing if their state DOE will permit.   What a 
huge number of students to impact and the data to prove that this  instructions 
makes a difference.  How exciting to be a part of this  effort.
Joyce Miles
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Kansas  is a local option state which means we do not develop curriculums, 
however we  do provide competencies that must be taught as part of approved  
pathways.   In FCS, the development of the healthy self of the  individual 
is at the forefront of the Human Services career cluster courses  this has a 
strong tie to success in the human services workforce.  Obesity prevention 
is addressed through the Family and Community  Services pathway course “
Nutrition and Wellness”. It is also addressed through  our middle level 
classrooms.  Kansas is presently updating a teaching  resource which I can share 
once completed.  There is a section on  nutrition and wellness as well as a 
crosswalk to indicate which lessons link  to current issues, obesity prevention 
being one.  
More  recently, the State of Kansas Department for Children and Families 
(DCF) has  partnered with the Kansas State Department of Education, Family and 
Consumer  Sciences educators to develop a Kansas teaching resource to 
address parenting,  legal and paternity issues of today.  The partnership is 
utilizing Kansas  FCS education courses which are linked to the Human Services 
career clusters  as a prevention strategy in hopes of decreasing those 
needing assistance in  the future.  The resource entitled “Building Healthy 
Families in Kansas:  Addressing Issues of Today” include 10 multi-day units and 
will cover topics  related to a variety of topics, two of which are Preventing 
Relationship  Violence and Family Financial Planning.  DCF has provided 
$10,000 to  develop, pilot and disseminate this resource across Kansas. 
Additional monies  will be coming for trainings and marketing.   The document, when 
 finalized, will have the FCS logo, the DCF logo and the KSDE logo on the  
Evaluation  plans will include student pre/post assessment regarding 
attitude shifts,  numbers of schools implementing and number of students reached. 
Projections  expect participation of over 200 schools and 4,000 students in 
the Fall of  2013.  
Gayla  Randel, CFCS 
Educational  Program Consultant—Family and Consumer Sciences 
Kansas  State Department of Education 
Lead  Consultant—Arts,  AV Tech and Communications; Education and Training, 
Government and Public  Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Human  
120 SE  10th Avenue—Topeka, KS 66612  785-296-4912   _grandel at ksde.org_ 
(mailto:grandel at ksde.org)  

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Good  afternoon, NASAFACS Members!

I have been working with the Quixote Group  and have been asked for 
information regarding ACTE's recent or upcoming  programs in different areas with 
the continued Branding for the FCS Alliance  efforts.  I will be sharing with 
them the program for our Division for  the Career Tech Vision 2012, but 
would like to offer them an indepth look at  what's happening with our 
membership at the grassroots level.

Since  NASAFACS is one of the three Family & Consumer Sciences sections in 
our  ACTE Family & Consumer Sciences Division, I am asking for any 
information  that I can provide back to them regarding the following efforts that you 
may  have happening in your state:   
    *   Obesity  
    *   Personal & Family Financial Education  
    *   Emotionally Healthy Families  
    *   Economy's impact on Families  
    *   Military Family Involvement
They are specifically asking for the following information, specifically  
for programs/research for the above:  title, purpose, methodology,  audience, 
conclusions/findings and societal impact. 
I will be continuing to work on compiling all of this from our Division and 
 will be corresponding back with them soon.  Any assistance you can give  
me back to provide a comprehensive overview of how your state is addressing  
some of these issues would be greatly appreciated as I speak with them on  
behalf of our ACTE Division.   
Thank you so much for your feedback! 
Serving with you, 
Leslie Watkins,  NBCT
ACTE Board of  Directors
VP for Family & Consumer Sciences 
ACTE Finance  Chair
300 Walnut Street
Paducah, KY  42001
270-217-0996,  cell
_lesliejwatkins at comcast.net_ (mailto:lesliejwatkins at comcast.net)  


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