[NASAFACS] Call for Proposals for Spring 2013 Webinar Schedule

Daila Boufford dboufford at aafcs.org
Tue Nov 13 09:02:06 MST 2012

Good morning!

I cannot believe we are already in November!  Where has the Fall semester gone?

As we look ahead to 2013, AAFCS is excited to announce the Call for Proposals for our Spring webinar season.  Please see below for the details.

Presenting a webinar is easy to do, requires no travel and can be done with a PC or a Mac.  And - webinar presenters receive complimentary access to 3 AAFCS webinars!

To access the form, click here.<http://www.aafcs.org/res/vpd/Webinar_Proposal_Form.doc>

Have a great day!

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Connect with colleagues.  Expand your skills.  Share your knowledge.

2013 Spring Webinar Schedule - Call for Proposals
Submissions due December 2nd at midnight

You are part of an incredible network of FCS Professionals.  As you have worked throughout your education, your career, your life, you have both benefited and contributed to this vast network that is Family and Consumer Sciences.  Whether you are a newcomer or a loyal life-time member, AAFCS is honored to partner with you to help make a positive impact on individuals, families and communities.

AAFCS is looking for webinar presenters to share their knowledge.  Presenting a webinar is a fun experience and can be done from the comfort of your home or office computer - no travel required!  All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a phone.  That's it!

We are looking for presenters in the following content areas.  Topics of particular interest to our attendees are included in green below:

  *   Food Science

     *   New and creative food science labs

  *   Nutrition, Health and Wellness

     *   Human sustainability
     *   Up to date research on childhood obesity
     *   Nutrition for the special needs child

  *   Personal and Family Finance

     *   Long term care - financial and physical considerations
     *   Awareness of the national financial literacy strategy and the role of FCS in the implementation process

  *   Early Childhood

     *    The pre-school child

  *   Interpersonal Relationships

     *   Resolving technology and family relationship concerns
     *   Balancing work and family life in today's society

  *   Fashion and Textiles

     *   Textile techniques and practices
     *   Design trends and the impact of commercialism

  *   Housing and Interior Design

     *   Universal Design
     *   New technology for the home and how it impacts FCS
     *   Energy efficiency and sustainable practices
     *   Innovations in interior design

  *   Technology Tools

     *   Working with students to use social media in a positive and appropriate way
     *   The digital classroom

  *   Best Practices in Teaching (Secondary and Post Secondary)

     *   Career cluster integration
     *   Assessments and evaluations
     *   How to create a positive student teaching experience for teachers and students
     *   Overcoming current real-world challenges faced by secondary educators
     *   How to fund your higher ed research / program
     *   Asking the "right" questions in your research
     *   Integration of STEM concepts into FCS curriculum
     *   FCS and the common core

  *   Sustainability of FCS Programs

     *   Successful case studies - how promoting your program has worked!
     *   Changing demographics and their effect on FCS
     *   The proactive FCS professional - how are we making a positive impact?

To learn more about what is involved in presenting a webinar, or to submit a proposal, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001zRxo8RRQRqcBUiOBd-eRxrkzpg0VjF2ThsC1SnE5OxdzqcN42ltw8Ar9sPKhk4sXPUHYMzmCE-Aci0mnrZzDzuOPYYff-og3HZTHBPxwkfmfyWzfEB1-qoPYBp5X2UIAu3AJGy2E0P0Ppk5qiIX605mBN4fmDEil>.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at dboufford at aafcs.org<mailto:dboufford at aafcs.org>.  Presenting a webinar is easy to do, requires no travel, can be done on a Mac or a PC and provides a great way to connect with colleagues nationwide.  Plus, webinar presenters get to attend 3 AAFCS webinars free of charge!


Submit your proposal by December 2nd for consideration.
Selected proposals will be presented
during the months of January - April, 2013.

Click here for the submission form!<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001zRxo8RRQRqcBUiOBd-eRxrkzpg0VjF2ThsC1SnE5OxdzqcN42ltw8Ar9sPKhk4sXPUHYMzmCE-Aci0mnrZzDzuOPYYff-og3HZTHBPxwkfmfyWzfEB1-qoPYBp5X2UIAu3AJGy2E0P0Ppk5qiIX605mBN4fmDEil>

Thank you for your interest in AAFCS webinars.  Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested in presenting.
Check out our full listing of webinars<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001zRxo8RRQRqcBUiOBd-eRxrkzpg0VjF2ThsC1SnE5OxdzqcN42ltw8Ar9sPKhk4sXPUHYMzmCE-Aci0mnrZzDzuOPYYff-og3XkHPiw5vrUR7eEEiC1WlnjKHYOOPFWAcGcX80AFgFDC-_1vTWa-Piw==> (live and archived) to see what topics have been offered in the past and what is coming up!


Daila Boufford
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
dboufford at aafcs.org<mailto:dboufford at aafcs.org>
703 706-4609



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