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Pockrus, Lisa pockrusl at ogdensd.org
Thu Nov 29 13:44:40 MST 2018

Hello Library Friends,
With changes in how our students connect online, our district has run into
the issue of not being able to have open access to the library catalog,
i.e., search stations in the library. Students can log in to a computer, as
themselves, and go to Destiny to search, but they don't. Instead of
learning the skill of how to find a book, they simply ask the library
clerk. When classes are in the library, this becomes difficult.
What are other districts doing? Do you have a designated "search station"
open? Are you using devices that can be locked to just the OPAC? Are you
looking up books for students?

Please let me know what your school/district does.
Thank you!

Lisa Pockrus, MA, MS, NBCT
Ogden District Library Specialist

*“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that
of an ignorant nation.” *
― Walter Cronkite

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