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If you go to my website (not the blog), there are two new resources you
might find interesting.

The Reader's Advisory: Blogs, Blogs, and Podcasts is up and live.  I scored
a lot of websites and listened to many podcasts to create these lists.   If
I missed a personal favorite, I'd love to know.  I had limited success
finding vlogs (youtube channels) to recommend - just one.  I'd love to find
a couple that are kids talking about their favorite books.  Let me know if
you find any.

Also -  the Choose a New Book feature.  I have 68 different book suggestion
lists that I have created for my school.  I have taken all of them and made
them into an interactive scaffold to help students narrow in on their
favorites.  I try to keep the lists fairly small -- the largest covers two
columns on two sides of a page -- once they get larger than that, I split
them somehow.  There is much work to do on them.  For example, i am getting
rid of the AR info and just including the author name or series title, but
that is a very long process.  I am also going to integrate the boy title
and girl titles to more inclusive.  Hopefully by the end of the school year
I will have these reasonably up to date!

Any way -- hope these are helpful to someone!

Cindy Mitchell

PS - those of you I saw at the Forum on Engaged Reading --- Hi!
Cindy Mitchell
South Jordan Middle School
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