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Okay, after Josh tweeted this: http://www.librarygirl.net/

I can't get over the fact that I will be serving my students best by shelving my fiction by Genre. It is such a huge step I'd love to hear from those of you who've made the plunge. Mostly, I'd like a list of the genre divisions you used. I'm thinking:

  *   Realistic
     *   maybe: Sports
  *   Fantasy
     *   Maybe: Animal books (Sentient and pets together)
  *   Sci-Fic
     *   Maybe: Dystopia
  *   Historical Fiction
     *   maybe: Adventure
  *   Humor
  *   Mystery
     *   Maybe: Horror
  *   Graphic Novels

I'm not sure about the sub-genres. Would you think that is getting too specific? I've also been using spine stickers for Romance, Westerns, Verse, Holocaust, but they are all to small and can easily fit into larger genres.

Anyway I'd love to hear what some of you have done. Thank you, DaNae

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