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Fawn BMorgan fawnbmorgan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 22:20:46 MDT 2018

I am getting flash backs after reading Cindy's post. Seriously, not to the
extent of a soldier returned from war, but I have a bit of post traumatic
stress syndrome anxiety going on at the moment as I recall having to start
over educating again and again with each new set of administrators,
department heads and sophomore parents - sometimes without making headway.
I have no answers, just my sympathy flash back and wee bit of anxiety in
the pit of my stomach. May the force of reason be with you, my friends.
Hold up your heads - you do amazing work with little acknowledgement. There
must be a crown awaiting you somewhere, sometime. There must. I'd laugh,
but I think it would be a tell-tale sign of over reaction. There's funny
and there is hysterically sad funny. Laughing is better than a sedative,
though. Maybe Tai Chi or meditation?

Fawn Morgan
Retired Davis School District, Layton High School


On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 12:51 PM Cindy Mitchell <
cindy.mitchell at jordandistrict.org> wrote:

> Ugh!
> 29 years people -- I have been teaching for 29 years and I have been the
> librarian at this school for 21 years.  You would think that there are
> somethings I wouldn't have to do over and over again. So, so wrong.
> I received a message from a public librarian friend that she was wondering
> i I was no longer at my school because she couldn't find me the school
> directory.
> I checked and sure enough - I am not on the Faculty page, the staff page,
> or any other page.
> So I contacted the person in charge of the pages -- a tech teacher -- and
> asked her to add me to the Faculty page because I am a certified teacher.
> This is what she wrote back"
> "The Directory is filtered by one’s current role at the school.  Parents
> who use the directory with the Faculty filter are looking quickly for a
> current teacher.  I hope this explains why you are not listed under the
> Faculty filter."
> Ouch!
> I fumed and then decided to not go the rounds with her again and just went
> straight to the principal to get my picture back on the faculty page.
> Ugh!
> Have you encountered anything that surprises you that you have to explain
> it again and again?
> At least this school year is going a bit better than last year.  I'm not
> back on the Language Arts team, but at least they are speaking to me.  I'm
> still trying to redefine myself.
> Thanks for reading my rant!
> Cindy
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