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I agree with what you say.  I believe David Long from Logan City School District mentioned that more than filtering needs to be done.  I know he believes this but those details were not necessarily expressed in the meeting.  UEN would love to help push the message that teacher librarians are an excellent resource to teach internet safety.  Please let me know how we can best help.


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On Oct 23, 2018, at 9:57 AM, Wilson, James <James.Wilson at canyonsdistrict.org<mailto:James.Wilson at canyonsdistrict.org>> wrote:

Sadly, we will always be in the mode of educating people what we do and what training and education we have.

On another note, I attended the UEN Board meeting last Friday.  While they were discussing the EBSCO issue, the topic of how to keep kids safe online and teaching them to research information safely and efficiently came up numerous times.  Filters were the only solution discussed.  I kept wanting to yell out “Certified-SL Endorsed Teacher Librarians!”  We teach research.  We teach students how to find information safely and efficiently, among the many other things we do!  I am saddened at how many time we are left out of the discussion.


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We feel you Cindy, and others!

At the beginning of this year I got up and tooted my own horn to my faculty. Basically gave them a quick verbal resume in faculty meeting.  I explained how I have a master's degree and the same teaching license many of them do.  I've felt like for the last few years I'm treated a bit like a convenient upstairs secretary.

Of course, I'm always happy to help, but it was actually some of my faculty last year that found out I had credentials and encouraged me to share that information with the rest of the staff.  I think there was an assumption that I just sat at this desk and typed stuff all day.

I do get a little irritated when administration says "all these things are coming to each teacher this year"... and I'm like, me too?  Also got slighted out of the yearbook last year... but somehow my assistants made it in.  *shrug*.

Keep fighting the good fight!  I feel successful as long as the students know I'm here. ☺

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On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 6:23 AM <georgeweight at integrity.com<mailto:georgeweight at integrity.com>> wrote:
Still fighting for recognition. When I was on the board of UELMA, serving
as its president for one year, we lobbied the legislature heavily to keep
funding for school libraries. Our efforts resulted in getting funding
stabilized, resulting in several thousand dollars retained by our district
that otherwise would have been cut.
Did I get any recognition? No--just criticism for being away from school
to perform lobbying efforts and pressure to replace me with a classified
No offense to those classified people out there--but IMO school libraries
don't function as well as they could without a certified and committed
Library Media Teacher at the helm.
"Can't afford a Cadillac on a Ford budget" was the word I got from the Sup.
Funny-that money that was retained more than paid for my salary.
BTW: if classified people are doing an effective job--and many are--why
aren't they paid the same salary?

 > Reminds me of the year I lost my teacher money, because according to the
> state, the football field was a classroom, but the library was not! Ya
> just
> gotta laugh!!!
> ~lanell rabner
> On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 1:04 PM Crystal Hansen <
> crystal.hansen at jordandistrict.org<mailto:crystal.hansen at jordandistrict.org>> wrote:
>> I have to remind someone in the office almost every year that my school
>> picture goes in the faculty case. This year, because our faculty is so
>> large, I was basically told that there is no room for my picture there.
>> Our
>> school population is bursting at the seams, so I didn't fight it this
>> time,
>> but you are right that these things sting a little. Getting my picture
>> with
>> the faculty in the yearbook has also been something I've had to
>> self-advocate for. A lot of people in the school just don't/won't
>> understand our role. It can be frustrating!
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