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Hey Tom,

I wouldn't bother asking the teachers..most of them can only think of books
to augment their curriculum and I feel our jobs are to provide books that
the STUDENTS want to read. That being said, I took over the Scholastic
orders for my school so that I can have the points to buy Scholastic books
for my library. I do not love Scholastic, since their books fall apart
easily, however, it is a great resource to get the newest, popular books
that the kids are interested in. In addition, they fall in and out of
fashion easily but that allows me to see which books the kids love, then I
go to Permabound and buy them. It is worth spending the additional money to
get a book that the kids check out repeatedly AND has a LIFETIME
replacement guarantee. I go to the Scholastic warehouse sales and stretch
my money there. I also buy from Capstone, World Book, Smart Apple Media and
ABDO since they all have the replacement guarantee, give me volume
discounts and send the MARC records.

My students love it when I get a book preview! I set up bins of the books
and let them come in and look them through, then we discuss which books
they liked, what my budget is for that kind of book and we vote on which
series I should buy. This guarantees that THEY are getting what they want
and will check them out!

In addition, often the companies offer a promotion that helps stretch your
budget out and you could always do a Donors Choose. Good Luck!

Ms. Nancy
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On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 10:07 AM Tom Alleman <allemant at carbonschools.org>

> What are your thoughts on the various book providers out there? I am
> trying to update our collection but teachers are too busy and don't have
> the time to offer any suggestions. So it is up to me to find books. I've
> looked through many preview boxes and have found many titles and subjects
> that would be great for our library. But I'm not impressed with the meager
> content and price. Paying at least $25.00 for a book that is maybe 50 pages
> with 3/4 of those pages covered with photos is not a good way to spend my
> limited budget. What are your thoughts and suggestions? My focus is on
> updating our nonfiction section.
> Tom Alleman
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