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Tom Alleman allemant at carbonschools.org
Fri Oct 12 10:05:13 MDT 2018

What are your thoughts on the various book providers out there? I am trying
to update our collection but teachers are too busy and don't have the time
to offer any suggestions. So it is up to me to find books. I've looked
through many preview boxes and have found many titles and subjects that
would be great for our library. But I'm not impressed with the meager
content and price. Paying at least $25.00 for a book that is maybe 50 pages
with 3/4 of those pages covered with photos is not a good way to spend my
limited budget. What are your thoughts and suggestions? My focus is on
updating our nonfiction section.
Tom Alleman
Tommas W. Alleman
allemant at carbonschools.org
Carbon High School
750 E. 400 N.
Price, Ut 84501
fax 435.637.4127
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