[Library Media] SchoolLib Continuing Education Events for School Libraries (October 2018)

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On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 9:51 AM Paige Bredenkamp <paige.bredenkamp at wyo.gov>

> Good afternoon,
> Here are the Continuing Ed events for October that are specific to school
> libraries. I have also included a link to the complete general calendar for
> the month that includes many more events covering the broader scope of
> libraries and management. Feel free to share this with anyone you think may
> be interested.
> New events are added to the calendar throughout the month, even if they
> are not on the list so keep checking back!
> View and/or subscribe to the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar at
> http://library.wyo.gov/services/training/calendar
> <https://clicks.memberclicks-mail.net/wf/click?upn=W3bEGeHMi2Sea-2Bn94DjZpQskydBqCM8MCk4KbGo9uBybvSasvDDqNXIlj7fauXa2gblP7wgIKK-2BgyyvYsMZYWg-3D-3D_I2TnhTHBqx-2FX5woRREGHn0NK5v2iAtMiCK39GuBcA975NwgFk1w3HDZKR-2FibTeDNo-2BIWxLB-2BXF6fZX5IQInTeIXkgB-2F8tMbcUXyvVFRG-2FGHRzmKiOaapJ44XASUOTwBBs3qgg-2FtK1EqdeqjTar3WcqigpM7LVCJHikomgozqwaweANntTA1-2BXkM-2FOfl8smx1KcRQo7YZixEjVQ7ISYD8xzh5vk3fCyo1EI5KHXzG-2B51KGiYsnX-2BdmZgrsBLbTOGRA6TIHbAeAv-2FFmYJ6s-2FpaZPRu7NfTtwIU90Tc2NplYYqjahe3QyfJD8abCiRovHQ1C1wi-2FjLHrmwm7GrJ3lvskg-3D-3D>.
>  (All events are listed in  MT time).
> Do you have a free program that you would like to share?  Add it to the
> calendar here: http://library.wyo.gov/services/training/calendar
> <https://clicks.memberclicks-mail.net/wf/click?upn=W3bEGeHMi2Sea-2Bn94DjZpQskydBqCM8MCk4KbGo9uBybvSasvDDqNXIlj7fauXa2gblP7wgIKK-2BgyyvYsMZYWg-3D-3D_I2TnhTHBqx-2FX5woRREGHn0NK5v2iAtMiCK39GuBcA975NwgFk1w3HDZKR-2FibTeDNo-2BIWxLB-2BXF6fZX5IQInTeIXkgB-2F8tMbcUXyvVFRG-2FGHRzmKiOaapJ44XASUOTwBBs3qgg-2FtK1EqdeqjTar3WcqigpM7LVCJHikomgozqwaweANntTA1-2BXkM-2FOfl8smx1VnE2T7b74TNDIB720Pyhdcd8wre9ztKm2ruraGb2477iHnGEDjnOuC3pVl6mCAhF3S-2Bjv3woioqnt9qNhlP5cXp7tDY22iPIjDOt-2BkIzCmoFvKtemM0eQ82-2FGCemitbYXzKWunBrOr7ohRxmF-2Bfu-2Fg-3D-3D>
> Paige Bredenkamp
> *School Library Consultant*
> *Wyoming State Library*
> 2800 Central Avenue
> Cheyenne, WY 82002
> paige.bredenkamp at wyo.gov
> 307-777-6331
> *A Connected School Library Community is a Stronger School Library
> Community.*
> Currently reading: *Insidious Intent *by Val McDermid

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