[Library Media] Article: Why School Librarians Are the Literacy Leaders We Need

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Why School Librarians Are the Literacy Leaders We Need

By Ariel Sacks

I've taught in four public schools in New York City and only ONE had a true
functioning library with a certified librarian in it. Let me tell you, that
one school library was small, but game changing, thanks to the wonderful
work of the librarian, Leslie Gallager, and the wise choice to fund it by
school leaders at Brooklyn Prospect. When the school (which was new)
created the library, I was not accustomed to having the resource of a
school library or librarian, so it took me some time to figure out how to
utilize it in my ELA class. Luckily, our librarian was quick to reach out
to teachers, making it known she had resources and skills that could
benefit our students and enrich our teaching, while at the same time making
our work more manageable. Research shows a strong correlation between the
presence of a certified school librarian and student achievement. Just
because many of us haven't had the privilege of working with a school
librarian recently, let's not forget how important they are. Let's
recognize vibrant school libraries as a key component of a quality
education--one that benefits students and teachers alike.

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