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Tom Alleman allemant at carbonschools.org
Fri Apr 13 09:09:25 MDT 2018

Libray Friends,
A district official asked me to write a funding increase proposal. Do any
of you have any suggestions? This is my first year as librarian at Carbon
High and I'm a bit rusty with finances. I know that at the previous high
school in this district where I was librarian and teacher I had a budget of
about the same amount. That school had 200 students and it was 15 years
ago. Last year the librarian here had a greater budget. Carbon County is
economically depressed but this library, if it is to be relevant and vital
to the students, needs to be adequately funded. If any of you have advice
let me know.
Tom Alleman

Tommas W. Alleman
allemant at carbonschools.org
Carbon High School
750 E. 400 N.
Price, Ut 84501
fax 435.637.4127
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