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georgeweight at integrity.com georgeweight at integrity.com
Wed Sep 13 10:47:36 MDT 2017

Some 30 or so years have passed since I served on the UELMA Board, one
year as president. At one conference, I gave a presentation on care of
Audio Visual equipment: changing bulbs on projection equipment to avoid
damage, loading film properly onto 16mm Projectors--also to avoid damage,
repair of magnetic tape, etc. My, how things have changed.

When I was teaching in a "regular" classroom," I frequently used three
overhead projectors and a chalkboard--the old green type with real chalk,
not a whiteboard with magnets and markers.

We came on board with desktop computers, single computer use software, and
the web in its infancy around 1982-83. Apple II desktops were placed on
teacher's desks, soon to be replaced with classic MAC's. Laptops for
teachers were provided later. Computer labs and LAN were being installed
in our schools the last few years before retirement in 2002.

I had the first cell phone in our district, but we had no service in Juab
County--I used it mostly off hours at my Spanish Fork home or on 1-15
until the signal was lost.

Now, I never see a classroom that does not have classroom chrome books
available or is not equipped with a roof-mounted TV projector with all
possible inputs--including a document reader. Has any current teacher ever
seen or used an opaque projector?

What we wanted to happen, in many respects, has happened. Library Teachers
are now adept at many things besides checking out books. Since I still
substitute after retiring from full-time (though it can still be quite
busy), I try to keep up to date.

When I encounter a novel that is one of a classroom set in a class, I read
it. I will permit students who finish work early to read a novel on their
smartphones--or research a topic for a class on the web. It requires close
monitoring--but most students will follow if expectations are clearly

What's just around the corner? We don't clearly know, but Library Media
people will be at the forefront--keeping things that have worked in the
past aka reading a good book, and effectuating the latest viable
changes--things that really work.

Speaking of work--make it good and keep it up!

George Weight
Distant past UELMA President

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