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I have a large Spanish collection and a good sized Chinese section. I have worked on expanding them for years in conjunction with my language teachers.  When they traveled to a Spanish or Chinese speaking countries I would have them get some titles. I have found Amazon to be a fairly good source for specific titles.  I put the name of the book and add in “Spanish language”.  Browsing and collection development is more difficult this way.  Recently I have found the following site is good for native Spanish titles: http://cervantes.com/
And for Chinese titles, again our Chinese teacher would get books when she traveled to Taiwan but I have had very good success with
http://www.chinasprout.com/ .  I have purchased English titles translated into Chinese as opposed to native Chinese books.

I’ve had less success with the languages in my ELL classes.  I get them from Amazon but it is hit or miss and very few titles in Swahili, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.  I would love to know if anyone else has sources.

I have had good success with native French language titles on Amazon and have seen good collections that were purchased from bookstores in Canada.  I don’t have the sources though.  If anyone knows French sources I would appreciate them shareing.

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I try to get popular titles for our multilingual patrons.  These students seem to enjoy what everyone is reading too.

Good luck!

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 8:20 AM, Mariah Gerlach <moverlock at providencehall.com<mailto:moverlock at providencehall.com>> wrote:
How do you select titles to meet the needs of your multi-lingual patrons without actually being multi-lingual yourself?

Any tips or tricks to purchasing those books and ebooks?  (Specifically, I need to service Spanish and Chinese at my school right now).

Thanks for any advice!

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