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Hello Heather,

I have read the book and agree with LynnDell. It is not as violent  or graphic as the show; I found the book sad and disturbing but focused more on the anxiety of the boy who is wondering if he is the cause of her death. This book has persistently been as popular in my library through the years as A Child Called It and Go Ask Alice and now, more so. I would recommend everyone who is asking for the book to be removed read it first and have a conversation before the book is removed (standard book challenge procedure).

I understand the concerns about the graphic violence in the TV show and the fact that no one offers the girl resources to prevent her suicide. Perhaps the book and TV show could spur a large/schoolwide discussion of suicide and how it may be prevented and people given support.

Good luck,

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Hello Heather,

I have read Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher and have watched the show.  Many students have also talked to me about the book and the show.  They are very different from each other.  The show has a lot of anger and is much more violent.  The book is very tame compared to the show and I suggest that people read the book before making the decision to take it off the shelves.  The book has been popular in the Delta High School library for years, but more people want to read the book because they have seen the show. This has gotten more students reading, which is always a good thing!

Good Luck,
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Hi All!
I’m meeting with my principal later today and wanted to hear some of your thoughts/opinions on the book Thirteen Reasons Why.  Our superintendent, along with many others I’m sure, has asked that we consider taking the book off the shelf because of all the issues that have surrounded it since the series on Netflix came out.  What are your thoughts?  Is this a book that needs to be taken out of schools?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this!  Thanks so much and have a great day!!

Heather Anderson
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Juab High School

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