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Check out Lee & Low's:

   - *Spotlight: Mother's Day and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

*​ NEW Teacher's Guides for this Month! *

*​ Recommended Collections for May *

*​ Looking for diverse books for preschoolers? Check out 10 of our favorite
   multicultural books
   recommendations. *

Happy Reading!


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Date: Fri, May 5, 2017 at 10:00 AM
Subject: Have Viola Davis Read to Your Students

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May 4, 2017

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*Customize Your Classroom Library*

Dear Juan,

We’d love to speak more with you and your school team to help bring *culturally
responsive* books into your classroom and help you build a *customized book
list *based on your students’ needs and diverse experiences:

   - Bilingual and Dual Language Programs
   - Reading Levels
   - Themes and Curriculum Units
   - High Interest-Low Readability
   - Middle and High School

Contact Vice President of Educational Sales, *Abe Barretto*, at
*abarretto at leeandlow.com*
<abarretto at leeandlow.com?subject=Classroom%20Collection%20Customization> to
get started, and read on for some of our favorite Mother's Day and Asian
Pacific American Heritage Month book recommendations to celebrate May!


Abe Barretto, Vice President of Educational Sales
(212) 779-4400 ext. 23 <(212)%20779-4400>
<vschneider at leeandlow.com?subject=Classroom%20Collection%20Customization>

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*Next Story Time, Have Viola Davis Read to Your Students*

Viola Davis reads RENT PARTY JAZZ]
Party Jazz* was selected by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation for its
latest read aloud on Storyline Online, an interactive literacy website
where well-known actors read popular, award-winning children’s books to
help students fall in love with reading. In this *video*
actress *Viola Davis*, the only black woman to be nominated for three
Academy Awards, reads our book *Rent Party Jazz*
by William Miller and illustrated by Charlotte Riley-Webb.

In this story set in 1930s New Orleans, young Sonny Comeaux has to work
before school to help his mother make ends meet. When Mama loses her job,
Sonny is worried. Rent day is coming soon, and if they miss paying by just
one day, the landlord will put them out on the street and sell off their

Sonny wanders sadly through Jackson Square after school one day. His
attention is caught by Smilin' Jack, a popular jazz musician. Sonny returns
day after day, and soon finds himself explaining his problem to Smilin’
Jack. What Smilin' Jack offers Sonny then—how to raise money for the rent
while having the world’s best party—changes both their lives forever.

*Rent Party Jazz *is a powerful story of family, friendship, and people
coming together to help others in a time of need.

For the *Storyline Online Book Collection, click **here*

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*Just Released: Two New Books for Early Readers!*
[image: Music Time]

*Music Time
Henry dreams of becoming a rock star drummer. But to avoid disrupting his
working mother, Henry decides to play his drum outside where he can
practice and play with his friends at the same time!
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[image: Block Party]

*Block Party*

Padma is excited about her neighborhood block party until she learns that
her mother is planning to bring lentil soup. What if her friends don't like
it? Young readers will be able to relate to this common childhood
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        [image: Confetti Kids series]

*Confetti Kids **Early Reader Series*

Dive into reading with the *Confetti Kids* series! Follow Lily and her
friends Padma, Pablo, Henry, and Mei on their imaginative adventures
throughout the city.

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*Spotlight: Mother's Day and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Books*
[image: Mother's Day and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Booklist]

Celebrate *Mother’s Day and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month* with
award-winning, culturally responsive books that serves your students’
demographics and interests.

   1. *How Far Do You Love Me?*
   *:* A bedtime book featuring a game that highlights the universal reach
   of adult/child love while taking readers on a journey to the seven
   continents on Earth.
   2. *Cora Cooks Pancit:*
   Cora helps her mother make pancit, a delicious Filipino dish.
   3. *Poems in the Attic:*
   Told in alternating free verse and tanka, a young girl grows closer to her
   mother after discovering a box of poems her mother wrote about her
   experiences living around the world and growing up as a child of an Air
   Force serviceman.
   4. *Surfer of the Century: The Life of Duke Kahanamoku:*
   The true story of Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, six-time Olympic swimming
   champion and legendary surfer who popularized surfing around the world.
   5. *Shining Star: The Anna May Wong Story:*
   true story of Chinese American film star Anna May Wong, whose trail-blazing
   career in Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s broke new ground for future
   generations of Asian American actors.

Check out the *Mother’s Day Teacher’s Guide*
for additional ideas and activities.

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[image: LLB]
*Meet LEE & LOW BOOKS at the Educational Thought Leaders' Conference*

[image: Educational Leaders' Conference]Kean University
, Asbury Park School District
and Lee & Low Books invite participants for the *free* full day conference
at the North Avenue Academic Building on the Kean University Union Campus
on May 12, 2017.

The theme of the Conference will be *Equity and Excellence in Education* and
will feature Dr. Pedro Noguera, Distinguished Professor of Education at
UCLA, as the keynote speaker. The conference will explore how leaders in
higher education and public schools put theory into practice, in an effort
to improve our understanding about education. This sponsored conference is
free of charge and will feature experts in the field of teaching and

You can register here

Date: Friday, May 12, 2017
Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm
*Location:* North Avenue Academic Building, Kean University Union Campus

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*NEW Teacher's Guides for this Month!*

[image: The Story I'll Tell]

*The Story I'll Tell*

In this sweet adoption story, a child asks his mother to tell the story of
where he came from. With each lyrical and fantastic tale comes a small
kernel of truth that pieces together the baby’s journey across a wide ocean
into his new mother's arms.

*Teacher's Guide
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[image: Maya's Blanket]

*Maya's Blanket/La manta de Maya*

In this bilingual story, a young girl’s cherished baby blanket becomes old
and worn over time. As she grows older, her blanket is continuously
repurposed as other items with the help of her grandmother.

*Teacher's Guide*
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        [image: Baseball Saved Us]

*Baseball Saved Us*

Shorty and his family, along with thousands of Japanese Americans, are sent
to an internment camp after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Fighting the heat
and dust of the desert, Shorty and his father decide to build a baseball
diamond and form a league in order to boost the spirits of the internees.

*Teacher's Guide

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*Recommended Collections for May*

[image: Mother's Day Collection]

*Mother's Day Collection*

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate the fantastic mothers, grandmothers, and
women in your life by reading stories that make you feel at home through
the traditions of diverse cultures and places around the world.
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[image: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month]

*Asian Pacific American Heritage Collection*

Pay tribute to the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have
enriched America’s history and are instrumental in its future success with
this collection.
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        [image: Climate Justice collection]

*Climate Justice Collection*

These environment-focused books provide a medium to discuss the concepts of
sustainability, environmental justice, biodiversity, and human
responsibility towards our planet.

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[image: LLB]
*How Diverse and Culturally Responsive Is Your Library?*

*Take Our Survey to Find Out!*

How diverse and culturally responsive is your library? Use the *NEW* *Classroom
Library Questionnaire*
to help determine where there are strengths and gaps in diversity in your

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*Five Great Reads from Around the Web*

   - Check out this list of 11 women who did groundbreaking work
   men received credit for.

   - Kelly Marie Tran is the FIRST Asian female to play a major character
   in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and hopefully not the last!

   - ​​
   Looking for diverse books for preschoolers? Check out 10 of our favorite
   multicultural books
   for recommendations.

   - Lesléa Newman, author of *Sparkle Boy*
   2017), responds to North Carolina's recent book censorship

   - Share the love of reading! Here are 11 little ways
   reading makes your life better every day.

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