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I’ve had lots of experience with the product.  I used it lots when I was learning to catalog because it gave examples, suggestions, and corrections.  It used to be an easy process to bring the record into CircPlus, Follett was one of their vendors.  Now the records have to be imported if they are original cataloging.  If you have exported records to correct they have to be imported as an update.  The other problem is it is not RDA compliant.  Our district purchases the MARC Magician package for headings, awards, and Lexile updates.  MARC Magician is part of the package.  I use it for global corrections.  For example exporting records for punctuation, spacing, and some authorities cleanup (this is done automatically when you bring records into MARC Magician).  I can also use the global features to change abbreviations to full word to comply with RDA and insert subfields, tags and phrases.  It is one process at a time and all records need the same process.  It also has to be loaded onto your computer (not Internet based) and only works on a Windows platform.

As to using the interface for cataloging it is really nice, none of the bouncing that I had to get used to when cataloging in Destiny.  If you are cataloging lots of the same types of materials you can’t create templates which are unique to what you are cataloging.  For a beginning cataloger it is a way to learn cataloging, with adjustments made for RDA.
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Does anyone use this product any more?  I have never used it, but I am delving into the intricacies of catalog updating (I just purchased Sears List of Subject Headings  21st Edition instead of the 15th edition that I inherited) and I was wondering whether this product is still useful or relevant.
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