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I am in a charter school and I have to catalog my own marc records.  Where
do I purchase a Sears book?  Are there any other resources that would be

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> The modern teacher librarian had a short online class on cataloging.  Many
> districts don't have a cataloger.  I import records and add any tags that I
> think my middle schoolers might use to search.  I don't get to teach all of
> them lessons on search terms, so whatever works to help your kids find your
> books is my motto.
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>> I would like to comment on the removal and use of subject headings.  I am
>> a district cataloger and I think that as librarians we should follow the
>> cataloging rules. This means using the defined terms from Sears List and
>> Library of Congress authorities.  The reason being that what makes sense to
>> one person does not necessarily make sense to another.  Committees at the
>> Library of Congress spend numerous hours deliberating, debating and
>> considering the subject headings we use.  I purchase the current Sears List
>> to review and check the online authorities every time I consider using a
>> subject heading I’m not certain of.  The subject headings do get dated and
>> they are changed in this sources to reflect that.
>> Although its considered a college level skill I also teach my high school
>> students to use the subject headings as a guide in research.  When finding
>> a book that is pertinent to their topic they can use the subject headings
>> from that book to formulate a new search.  When subject headings become
>> random and unique to the cataloger instead of universal as the LOC and
>> Sears subjects are the catalog becomes unique to the location and not
>> useful to the majority.
>> When I look for cataloging for obscure titles or foreign language titles
>> from other sources I count on them to have followed the cataloging rules as
>> set up by LOC.  More and more that is what I find.  With RDA being
>> implemented I know when I see a record using these formats that I can use
>> the information to catalog an item in a language I don’t know.  When I am
>> following cataloging rules, I like to think that someone else will be able
>> to use my cataloging as well.
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