[Library Media] UEN stats per library?

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I have asked the same question to Karen Krier at UEN. I'm pretty sure she
is on this list, but I cc'd her just in case. She's pretty awesome with
UEN uses Google Analytics, which show usage by city, and that would include
home and public library usage.You can visit the UEN Dashboard here
<http://www.uen.org/dashboards/web/index.shtml> to see statewide.
Depending on the type of filtering system your school uses, your IT person
may be able to provide reports of school usage.

On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 9:10 AM, Mariah Gerlach <moverlock at providencehall.com
> wrote:

> Hey library pros,
> Is it possible to see UEN stats for my specific school?  I push it, but I
> want to know how much it's actually being accessed here on our site, or by
> my students at home.  Do we have that capability?
> Thanks!
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