[Library Media] Have a little extra fun at UELMA

Michelle Miles michelle.miles at jordandistrict.org
Thu Feb 16 10:35:47 MST 2017

Calling all Library Cosplayers!

Because this year's theme is Librarians:  Agents of Change, we thought it
would be fun to have a contest -- inviting our members to dress up as a
Cosplay Super Librarian!  We are giving prizes to the most creative
costumes.  This is all purely optional, just for those of you who like
dressing up.  Another idea is to wear your UELMA Superpower T-Shirt from
last year's conference. Librarians are information and reading superheroes,
so why not celebrate it?

If you missed buying a t-shirt last year, we will have them for sale
again!  Unfortunately we can't take credit cards, so bring cash or a check
if you want to buy one.  They are $10.00.

We had to adjust the schedule slightly, so here is the link to the updated
version <http://www.uelmaconference.org/Conference-Schedule.html> of our
sessions.  Also, if you still need to register, click here

Thank you so much for supporting UELMA and school libraries.

Michelle Miles
UELMA Past President
Conference Chair
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