[Library Media] Resources to support youth in the post-election climate

Cindy Mitchell cindy.mitchell at jordandistrict.org
Wed Nov 16 15:43:42 MST 2016

I am actually teaching the concept about finding reliable sources to the
7th grade this week.

One thing that I do is a short exercise to talk about how facts are
manipulated in order to express opinions and how opinions can be valid if
they are supported with facts.  I am lucky enough to get to talk to my
students all three years that they are at SOJO, so I hope that one of the
times the lesson sinks in.

When it comes to "lighting up the switchboard", I have tried to become
unafraid of teaching hard concepts (or buying books that may ruffle
feathers).  Maybe I am lucky enough to be in a supportive building, but I
have really tried to remember that if I am teaching the truth, if I am
following the curriculum, and following policy, that I shouldn't be afraid
should complaints come.  I don't try to be purposefully provocative - I
just mean that if I am doing nothing wrong, then I should not be afraid for
my job. I hope (HOPE) that your administrator understands that CNN is a
legit source of information and wouldn't threaten to fire you if you do use
it again and again.

Cindy Mitchell

On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 3:22 PM, Chris Haught <chrish at sedck12.org> wrote:

> DaNae makes a great point. I have been using the resources in Utah's
> Online Library, especially the Gale Databases. They have been pretty good
> about keeping articles current.
> On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 3:16 PM, Danae Leu <dleu at dsdmail.net> wrote:
>> So here is what I've been struggling with in relation to this election
>> and our position as the champion of seeking valid sources. How do we go
>> about addressing the the unfathomable amount of misinformation that was put
>> forth as fact and news on social media? How do we help this next generation
>> understand what it means to source information? How do we do without being
>> partisan? As part of 6th grade curriculum our classes viewed a news clip,
>> and a parent wrote in outraged that her daughter was shown something from
>> the Clinton News Network (CNN) and blamed the teacher's union for promoting
>> the "liberal" media. When we can't point to legitimate journalism as a
>> valid source how do we teach our students about sorting fact from biased
>> memes? When the person who is to head our country blames the coverage, not
>> his actions, every time he gets bad press. How do we talk about "what a
>> valid source is?" We need lesson plans that can do this without igniting
>> our school's switchboards.
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>> post-election climate
>> *Thank you for this resource! I am hoping preventative measures can keep
>> negative incidents to a minimum in our communities. Here is an article from
>> Common Sense Media that I found helpful: *
>> *https://www.commonsensemedia.org/blog/what-should-we-tell-our-kids-be-tomorrows-leaders-today
>> <https://www.commonsensemedia.org/blog/what-should-we-tell-our-kids-be-tomorrows-leaders-today>
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>> On 11/16/16, 2:36 PM, "Sarah Herron" <Sarah.Herron at slcschools.org> wrote:
>> Libraries can play a key role in supporting youth who are fearful or
>> anxious, or who have been bullied, threatened, or assaulted following the
>> election last week.  In order to help library staff in this effort, YALSA
>> has compiled a list of free resources libraries can leverage to address
>> concerns that youth and their families are having.  These resources can be
>> accessed here: http://wikis.ala.org/yalsa/ind
>> ex.php/Supporting_Youth_in_the_Post-2016_Election_Climate
>> Please use them and share them widely, and thank you for all you do to
>> support young people!
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