[Library Media] Resources to support youth in the post-election climate

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I hear ya!  I posted mine ON Social media.

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So here is what I've been struggling with in relation to this election and our position as the champion of seeking valid sources. How do we go about addressing the the unfathomable amount of misinformation that was put forth as fact and news on social media? How do we help this next generation understand what it means to source information? How do we do without being partisan? As part of 6th grade curriculum our classes viewed a news clip, and a parent wrote in outraged that her daughter was shown something from the Clinton News Network (CNN) and blamed the teacher's union for promoting the "liberal" media. When we can't point to legitimate journalism as a valid source how do we teach our students about sorting fact from biased memes? When the person who is to head our country blames the coverage, not his actions, every time he gets bad press. How do we talk about "what a valid source is?" We need lesson plans that can do this without igniting our school's switchboards.

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Thank you for this resource! I am hoping preventative measures can keep negative incidents to a minimum in our communities.

Here is an article from Common Sense Media that I found helpful:


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On 11/16/16, 2:36 PM, "Sarah Herron" <Sarah.Herron at slcschools.org> wrote:
Libraries can play a key role in supporting youth who are fearful or anxious, or who have been bullied, threatened, or assaulted following the election last week.  In order to help library staff in this effort, YALSA has compiled a list of free resources libraries can leverage to address concerns that youth and their families are having.  These resources can be accessed here: http://wikis.ala.org/yalsa/index.php/Supporting_Youth_in_the_Post-2016_Election_Climate
Please use them and share them widely, and thank you for all you do to support young people!

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