[Library Media] Official Call for Proposals, UELMA Conference 2017

Michelle Miles michelle.miles at jordandistrict.org
Mon Nov 14 11:44:40 MST 2016

UELMA is now accepting presentation proposals for the March 2017
conference. Please consider presenting.  We learn and grow so much from
each other.  Our organization, our profession, and our school libraries
collectively grow stronger by members like you sharing what you know and
do.  If you haven't presented in the past because the 45 minute session
just seemed too long to fill, we are offering both 30 minute and 45 minute
sessions this year.  Just specify which time allotment works best for you
and your presentation.

Applications are due by December 16th.  Below is a list of possible topics,
however, you are *NOT LIMITED* to the list below.  I know many of you
already have great ideas to present on.  Below are just suggestions (pulled
off of the survey I sent out last week) to help get people thinking.  Some
great people don't realize they have something to share, so if you know of
anyone who would do an awesome presentation on any of the topics below,
feel free to send me their names.  I am more than happy to give them a
little nudge in the right direction :)

This call for proposals goes out not only to the certified librarians, but
to the paraprofessionals as well.  We don't typically have enough sessions
geared to the paraprofessionals, so we need your help.  Please consider
sharing what you do with your colleagues.

Click here to submit a proposal:  UELMA Presentation Proposal Form
<https://goo.gl/forms/4QRYa9NYRocWnjsc2>   The link can also be found on
the UELMA website.

Thanks so much for all you do -- for students, for libraries and for each
other.  I am getting really excited for our conference on March 3rd.  It is
going to be great.

Michelle Miles
Past-President/Conference Chair

Possible Presentation Ideas
 (these are the topics that got the most votes in the survey):

Book Repair
Displays/How to Promote Books
Weeding Tips
Book Contests
How to give great book talks (presentation can be geared to one age group)
Graphic Novels (what to buy, how to promote)
Activities in the Library
Self-Censorship (censorship vs. selection)
PR for the library
Importance of policies in the Media Center
Effective library webpages
Teaching research skills
Teaching the new library standards
Lesson Plan Exchange
Measuring Student Growth (your impact on student achievement)
Branding/Promoting Your Library
Gathering Data (why types of data and what to do with it)
Promoting your library to the community
Action Research:  proving you matter by the numbers.
Beef up your on-line presence
There's an App for that
Social Media
Managing Technology
Ebooks and Overdrive
Hosting an Author
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