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Karen Krier karen at uen.org
Wed Aug 31 08:17:06 MDT 2016


The promotional materials for Utah's Online Library have arrived and we need your help distributing them. Our hope is that we will receive a single request from each district, regional service center or charter school to minimize mailing / delivery costs.  I realize that this may be a cumbersome, but I am confident you can coordinate with your colleagues before submitting your requests.

Visit this page to view the materials and to access the online request form:

Note: We may not be able to fill your total request, but we are willing to order additional materials if we need to.

My colleague, Jo-Ann Wong, will be the main contact / coordinator for the distribution of these materials.  jwong at uen.org<mailto:jwong at uen.org>

A few of mentioned that you could use your local services to print the materials yourselves. Contact me if you would like the graphics files.

Thank you in advance for your support.

-- Karen

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Karen Krier
Utah Education Network
Associate Director - Instructional Services

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