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Please see the message below from Damon of NoodleTools.

-- Karen

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From: Damon Abilock <damon at noodletools.com<mailto:damon at noodletools.com>>
Subject: NoodleTools Update
Date: July 18, 2016 at 10:59:16 AM MDT
To: Karen Krier <karen at uen.org<mailto:karen at uen.org>>

Good morning!

This weekend's update was successful, and we're excited to start telling you all about the new version, which we'll be doing over the next few days in the blog (and we'll work on getting a webinar scheduled soon as well). Meanwhile, however, a few housekeeping items that you should be aware of:

1. New help desk, new tutorials

We are using new help desk software from Freshdesk to provide you and your students with great customer service. We've started creating new tutorials for the new version as well. To view them, or to submit a help request ticket, you can go to the new help desk:


2. Pages from the "old" website

Pages from the old website (like a lot of the teacher resources pages, the "show me" pages, etc.) are not currently available on the new site. We'll be bringing some of those pages back over the next few days, as we complete the transition. Thanks for your patience on that.

3. Continued fixes this week

We are fixing issues as they arise. This was a far-reaching update touching just about every part of the site and application, so if you see something that is broken or that you know is a bug, please feel free to report it via the help desk (#3 above) and we'll get right on it.

Thank you!

Damon Abilock

p.s. - Please report issues via the new help desk, as opposed to responding to this email.

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