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*Volume 15, Issue 4 July 2016*


In This Issue:
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Resources for School Librarians
Partnership and Collaborator News
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Association News
AASL at the 2016 ALA Annual Conference Wrap-up
the 2016 ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, AASL hosted two sessions related
to ESSA. The first, "Unpacking ESSA for the Library Ecosystem,
offered a general overview of the new law and outlined ways to form
coalitions within the library ecosystem. The second session, titled
"Unpacking ESSA for the School Librarian," provided participants with
a "call to action" connecting ESSA language to their role in the school.
The materials from each session are available on the AASL website
During the AASL President's Program, AASL President Leslie Preddy awarded James
Patterson with the 2016 Crystal Apple
Benun from Hachette Book Group accepted the award on his behalf. The
President's Program also featured award-winning author Avi
who spoke of his work and his connection to readers and librarians. In
addition, AASL announced its 2016 list of Best Apps for Teaching & Learning
and its 2016 Best Websites for Teaching & Learning

AASL Holds ESSA Listening Session with U.S. Department of Education
On Friday, June 3, AASL leaders met virtually with Dr. Monique Chism,
deputy assistant secretary from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of
Elementary and Secondary Education. This one-hour “listening session” was
devoted to the relationship between school librarians and the Every Student
Succeeds Act (ESSA). The U.S. Department of Education will take this
information into account as it provides guidance on Title IV, Part A -
Student Support and Academic Enrichments Grants.

ALA Seeks Nation’s Favorite Librarians for 2016 I Love My Librarian Award
American Library Association (ALA) invites the public to nominate their
favorite librarians for its prestigious 2016 I Love My Librarian Award. The
award recognizes the public service of exceptional public, school, college,
community college or university librarians who have transformed lives and
communities through educational opportunities and lifelong learning. The ALA
is accepting nominations
through Sept. 19.

New Research Articles Examine Audiobooks, Effective Learners, and Digital
new articles are now available in AASL's peer-reviewed online journal, *School
Library Research
 (*SLR*). In “Audiobooks: Legitimate 'Reading' Material for Adolescents?”
Jennifer Moore and Maria Cahill review literature on adolescents and
audiobooks to determine if listening to an audiobook can serve as a
legitimate form of reading. In “The Dispositions of Elementary School
Children of Individualistic and Collectivist Cultures Who Are Intrinsically
Motivated to Seek Information,” Sherry Crow and Lisa Kastello ask the
question “How do the experiences of students from a collectivist culture
(Uganda) who are intrinsically motivated to seek information compare and
contrast with the experiences of similarly aged students from an
individualistic culture (Colorado)?” In “Applying the Quadratic Usage
Framework to Research on K–12 STEM Digital Learning Resources” Jennifer
Luetkemeyer and Marcia Mardis detail the results of their qualitative
synthesis of K–12 STEM digital learning resources, research and policy

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Member Spotlight
Kristin Green Wins Year of Free AASL Membership
sharing the wealth of AASL membership with a colleague, Kristi Green has
won a free year of AASL membership. Green's name was drawn as a monthly
winner of AASL’s Share the Wealth Campaign. Green referred Megan Greene to
AASL. When asked why she recommended AASL membership, Green replied: “My
coworker, Megan, is transferring from the classroom to the library while
pursuing her degree in library science. We work at Korea International
School near Seoul, South Korea, and our chances for meaningful
collaboration and professional development can be limited due to language
barriers, geography and time zones. I knew she would need to find a
one-stop destination for the best ideas, perspectives, trends and practices
the library world has to offer. Being a member of AASL is imperative for
any expat school librarian. My membership makes me feel connected to my
Western roots while I'm living abroad in Southeast Asia.”

Jenny Lussier Receives ISTE’s Librarians Network Primary Award
Lussier, library media specialist at Brewster Elementary School in Durham,
Connecticut, was awarded ISTE’s Librarians Network Primary Award. Lussier
was judged on use of technology to help students develop higher order
21st-century skills; strong, clear explanation of a successful
collaborative technology project; reflection and recommendations for
similar future projects, as well as ability to replicate the project;
evidence that the librarian is a technology leader in their school setting;
and ample support from the school administration and staff for the school's
library program.

Helen Adams Receives Freedom to Read Foundation’s 2016 Roll of Honor Award
Adams, an adjunct online instructor at Antioch University-Seattle, received
the Freedom to Read Foundation’s 2016 Roll of Honor Award. The Freedom to
Read Foundation’s Roll of Honor was established in 1987 to recognize and
honor those individuals who have contributed substantially to the FTRF
through adherence to its principles and/or substantial monetary support.
Adams has taught intellectual freedom and ethics to graduate library
science students for over a decade, is a past trustee of the Freedom to
Read Foundation, and has served on ALA’s Intellectual Freedom Committee and
its Privacy Subcommittee. She was also a past president of AASL.

Carolyn Foote Featured in *Tech & Learning *Article
Foote’s school library space is featured in an article in *Tech & Learning*.
The article highlights how she has updated her school library space to meet
student and teacher needs. Foote is a proponent of the learning commons
movement, so she made sure to provide offices for the instructional
partners who work with teachers. “With all of the different people who work
with students and teachers in the same place, it’s easier to collaborate.
It’s the anti-silo,” she says.

Suzanna Panter Featured in *Publishers Weekly *Article
Panter, educational specialist for library services in Henrico County
Public Schools, is featured in a* Publishers Weekly* article. She
details her district’s innovative work and some trends she’s seeing in the
field. Two of the trends Panter is excited about are makerspaces and genius
hours. "Librarians play an important role in all of this when they make the
library a place where kids’ minds can wander and they are not prescribed
what to read," she notes.

Sherry Gick Wins Year of Free AASL Membership
sharing the wealth of AASL membership with a colleague, Sherry Gick has won
a free year of AASL membership. Gick's name was drawn as a monthly winner
of the AASL's Share the Wealth Campaign. Gick referred Erin Preder to
AASL. When asked why she recommended AASL membership, Gick replied: “I
recommended AASL membership to Erin - and to all school librarians -
because it is the only association completely dedicated to the
profession. Our unique positions in schools and districts make it
imperative that we work together and support each other. The advocacy and
resources provided by AASL are pivotal to me.”
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Education News
Common Core State Standards May Not Prepare Students for College and Career
The Common Core State Standards may not be meeting the goal of preparing
students for college and career, according to a survey from ACT. The
findings are based on feedback from K-12 and college instructors along with
workplace supervisors and employees.

Survey Reveals Trends in Tech Use
Nearly a quarter of teachers taking part in a recent survey said they are
willing to try new technologies in the classroom. The Education Week
Research Center survey included feedback from about 700 teachers and
instructional specialists.

Appeals Court Upholds Net Neutrality Rules
Last month a federal appeals court upheld a White House–supported effort to
make Internet service providers treat all web traffic equally, delivering a
major defeat to cable and telephone companies. The D.C. Circuit Court of
Appeals sustained the FCC’s latest net neutrality rules, which consumer
groups and President Barack Obama had backed as essential to preventing
broadband providers from blocking or degrading Internet traffic.

Workforce Trends for Class of 2015
The number of college graduates from the class of 2015 who were employed or
pursued more education six months after graduating is slightly higher than
numbers for the class of 2014, according to a report from the National
Association of Colleges and Employers. Data show 64% were working and 18%
went back to school.

Adaptive Learning No Panacea for Improving Education
software is not a panacea for improving education, according to a study
commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The report analyzes
the use of the software by colleges and universities in 2013.

White House Seeks to Remove Barrier to Higher Education
The White House has launched a new initiative, the Fair Chance Education
Pledge, which encourages colleges and universities not to use students'
criminal records when making admissions decisions. Several institutions
already have signed on, including Boston University, Columbia University
and Cornell University.

Managers Say Recent College Grads Lack Certain Critical Skills
An analysis of whether recent college graduates are prepared for the
workforce shows some specific areas where hiring managers report their
being underprepared. Nearly half of hiring managers report that new grads
lack writing proficiency and public speaking ability; even more say their
new hires are not strong critical thinkers or that they lack attention to

Should Students Go Phone-Free at Summer Camps?
Sixth-grade students who did not use their phones for five days at an
overnight summer camp program were better able to learn interpersonal,
social skills, among other things, a recent study found. However, giving up
phones can be as hard for parents as it is for students.

Students of Color Make up Nearly Half of Student Population
Students of color make up nearly 50% of students in US schools, according
to the recent Civil Rights Data Collection Survey. Data show 24.7% of those
students are Latino and 15.5% are black or African-American.

High-School GPA May Be Best Indicator of College-Readiness
A study at the University of Alaska has found that the SAT, ACT and
placement tests were not good predictors of how students will perform in
college-level math and English classes. Instead, Michelle Hodara, lead
author of the study, said a student's high-school grade-point average "is a
really powerful measure of college readiness, even for students who want to
earn a four-year degree."

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Resources for School Librarians
British Library Posts Literary Treasures
The British Library has made more than 300 literary treasures relating to
20th-century writers available online for the first time. Items include
literary drafts, rare first editions, notebooks, letters, diaries,
newspapers, and photographs from Virginia Woolf, Ted Hughes, Angela Carter,
and Hanif Kureishi, among others. The items relate to some of the twentieth
century’s greatest writers and can be viewed for free on the Discovering
Literature website

Microsoft to Offer Minecraft for Free to Schools
announced last month that schools will be able to download a free education
version of its popular Minecraft software. Microsoft is seeking a greater
share of the education market.

RCT-YES Software to Expand Program Evaluation in Education
The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) has launched a new tool that can
make it easier and more cost-effective for states and school districts to
evaluate the impact of their programs. *RCT-YES* is free, user-friendly
software that supports sophisticated analysis and reporting of results from
randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and other types of evaluation designs.

Departments of Education and Health and Human Services Release Joint
Guidance on Foster Youth
The U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services released
guidance to states, school districts, and child welfare agencies on the new
provisions in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for supporting children
in foster care. The guidance aims to assist state and local partners in
understanding and implementing the new law, and to inform state and local
collaboration between educational and child welfare agencies across the
nation for the well-being of children in foster care.

How to Use HyperDocs to Create Interactive Lessons
HyperDocs allows teachers to create digital lessons with interactive
elements, writes Lisa Highfill, an instructional technology coach. In this
blog post, she offers ways teachers can use HyperDocs, including for group
work and blended-learning environments.

Crowd-Funding and Grants Help Teacher Expand Ed-Tech
First-grade teacher Melissa Hunt in this blog post shares her
education-technology funding journey, which began with an annual $75
allotment. She has used crowdfunding and grants to supplement the stipend
and create a tech-rich learning environment.

How Read-alouds Can Support Science and Literacy Learning
Teachers can help students learn more about science with read-alouds,
educator Michelle Salgado writes in this blog post. Besides a video,
Salgado offers tips, such as enlarging pages that include visuals and
allowing for student interaction.

How to Use Voice Typing in Google Docs
The voice-typing feature of Google Docs is useful for students who want to
capture their ideas, Sean Williams writes. In this blog post, he offers
several tips that can help students use the technology tool.

Tips to Choose and Implement Ed-Tech Tools
Three strategies can help educators choose education-technology tools and
avoid feelings of being overwhelmed by all the available choices,
technology integration facilitator Denise Jaffe writes in this commentary.
Strategies include choosing programs that work on various devices.

How to Assess Teachers' Technology Integration
In this blog post, educator Katie Chirhart shares three ways to encourage
teachers to apply the SAMR -- substitution, augmentation, modification and
redefinition -- model in the classroom to assess how well technology is
being integrated into instruction. Among other things, she writes, it's
important to acknowledge that the process "is a marathon, not a sprint."

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Partnership and Collaborator News
Children’s Book Council Partners with The unPrison Project
For the second consecutive year, the Children’s Book Council has partnered
with The unPrison Project — a nonprofit dedicated to empowering and
mentoring women in prison — to create brand-new libraries of books for
incarcerated mothers to read with their babies at prison nurseries.
Fourteen of the CBC’s member publishers answered the call by donating
copies of over 35 hand-picked titles for children ages 0-18 months for each
library. The books will be hand-delivered and organized in the nurseries by
Deborah Jiang-Stein, founder of The unPrison Project and author of *Prison
Baby*. Jiang-Stein was born in prison to a heroin-addicted mother, and has
made it her mission to empower and mentor women and girls in prison.

Future Ready Schools Announces New Project to Recognize School Librarians
as Leaders in School Transformation
Ready Schools (FRS)—led by the Alliance for Excellent Education (the
Alliance) in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education—announced
Future Ready Librarians, an expansion of the FRS initiative aimed at
positioning librarians as leaders in the digital transformation of
learning. The FRS initiative helps district leaders recognize the potential
of digital tools and align necessary technologies with instructional goals
to support teaching and learning. A network of nationally recognized
librarians, including Mark Ray, chief digital officer for Vancouver Public
Schools in Washington, will provide input on the development of strategies,
tools, and resources aligned with the FRS framework.

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Grants & Awards
Investing in Innovation Fund Scale-up and Validation Competitions
The Investing in Innovation Fund provides funding to support local
educational agencies and nonprofit organizations in partnership with one or
more LEA or a consortium of schools. These grants will allow eligible
entities to expand and develop innovative practices that can serve as
models of best practices, allow eligible entities to work in partnership
with the private sector and the philanthropic community, and identify and
document best practices that can be shared and taken to scale based on
demonstrated success. Applications must be received by July 15.

Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE Cart/Campbell Grant for
The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the NCTE (ALAN) is offering
the Cart/Campbell Grant. The grant offers $500 funding plus complimentary
registration toward attendance at the annual two-day ALAN Workshop.
Eligible applicants are practicing librarians working with teens in high
school, junior high school, middle school, or public libraries. Membership
in ALAN is required for consideration. One Campbell/Cart Grant will be
awarded annually, and each recipient may only receive the grant once. The
deadline for application submissions is September 1 of the year of the ALAN
Workshop to be attended, and the recipient will receive notification by
October 1.

IEEE Maker Project Competition
IEEE announced the annual IEEE Maker Project Competition, welcoming
innovators and tech enthusiasts to battle it out for great prizes and the
chance to work with an IEEE member. Entrants must be 18 years or older to
enter and submissions must be an engineering project that was built or
created using hardware or software. Submissions must also include an image
or video of the tech project, as well as a description. Visitors to the
site will be able to share, link, comment and even vote for their favorite
submissions. The contest is accepting submissions through September 17,

Captain Planet Foundation Grants
The mission of the Captain Planet Foundation is to give the next generation
of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural
world in which they live. Projects must be project-based, performed by
youth, have environmental outcomes, and be based in the U.S. Grants from
the Captain Planet Foundation are intended to provide hands-on
environmental stewardship opportunities for youth; serve as a catalyst to
getting environment-based education in schools; and inspire youth and
communities to participate in community service through environmental
stewardship activities. Applications for spring and summer projects are due
September 30.

IMLS Seeks Nation's Top Museums and Libraries for 2017 National Medal
Each year, the Institute of Museum and Library Services presents select
museums and libraries with the nation's highest honor, the National Medal
for Museum and Library Service
The award recognizes libraries and museums that make significant and
exceptional contributions in service to their communities. IMLS is now
accepting nominations for the 2017 awards. Anyone--an employee, a board
member, a member of the public, or an elected official--can nominate an
institution. To be considered, the institution must complete and return a
nomination form
by October 3, 2016.

Innovate to Educate Awards
Share your story about the innovative technology initiative your school or
district has undertaken and how it has advanced education for your
students. Complete the *entry form*
submit either a short video or picture that illustrates your technology
initiative. We’ll post your entry on the Innovate to Educate website, and
share the link on our Facebook page to put your school in the spotlight.
Submissions will be accepted through October 14, 2016, and will be judged
by three industry experts.

PeopleAdmin's Inspired2Educate National Recognition Program
Inspired2Educate is a national recognition program that encourages current
K-20 educators to honor the teachers or administrators who inspired them to
embrace education as their life’s work. Tell us *your* story in a video or
in writing! Each month, PeopleAdmin will award one person with $1,000 for
professional development and $1,000 for their educational institution.

Wish You Well Foundation Funding
The Wish You Well Foundation’s mission is supporting family literacy in the
United States by fostering and promoting the development and expansion of
new and existing literacy and educational programs. Donations are made that
relate to programs and projects that aid in this stated mission. The Wish
You Well Foundation reviews donation requests with a wide array of funding
needs. Most requests range from $200 to $10,000. Organizations are reminded
to base their requested amount on the program's unique needs for funding.
Deadline: rolling.

Microsoft DigiGirlz High Tech Camp
Microsoft DigiGirlz High Tech Camp for girls works to dispel stereotypes of
the high-tech industry. During the camp session, the girls listen to
executive speakers, participate in technology tours and demonstrations,
network, and learn through hands-on experience in workshops. This year
camps will take place at various dates throughout the summer in Lehi, Utah;
Charlotte, NC; Fargo, ND; Reno, NV, Redmond, WA; Las Colinas, TX; and St.
Louis, MO. Maximum award: free attendance to camp. Eligibility: girls
grades 9-11 and at least age 13 at time of application, with some location
exceptions. Deadline: varies by location.

Fund for Teachers Grants
The Fund for Teachers provides funds for direct grants to teachers to
support summer learning opportunities of their own design. Maximum award:
$5,000. Eligibility: teachers who work with students in grades
pre-kindergarten through 12, with a minimum of three years teaching
experience, full-time, spending at least 50 percent of the time in the
classroom at the time grants are approved and made. Deadline: varies by

Grants to Increase Access to Healthy Foods from the No Kid Hungry Foundation
Providing students access to healthy and nutritious meals is the focus of
No Kid Hungry Foundation grants. Currently, the foundation supports
projects that increase access to summer meal programs, school breakfast and
after-school snacks and meals, as well as advocacy efforts, including
anti-hunger issues and needs and educating families about SNAP and the
Women, Infants, and Children programs. Interested schools can submit
letters of inquiry year-round. Prize: Average grants range from $5,000 to
$10,000. Deadline: Rolling.

The Awesome Foundation Grants for Projects
The Awesome Foundation funds projects that challenge and expand our
understanding of our individual and communal potentials, bringing
communities together, casting aside social inhibitions and boundaries for a
moment. Maximum award: $1,000. Eligibility: all people and organizations;
there are no prerequisites. Deadline: rolling.

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