[Library Media] Good Cheer

Fawn BMorgan fawnbmorgan at gmail.com
Fri May 20 09:06:47 MDT 2016

I attended a retirement open house for my friend and colleague, Brian
Ferguson, yesterday. Coincidentally, I discovered the following posting on
an ALA site. I am re-posting it with a dedication to all the stalwarts to
the profession who are retiring - I prefer the term *redirecting* course -
this year. Take a brief break and be rejuvenated by these letters:


On another note - While I don't agree that ebooks totally miss the mark, I
found an article from *The Guardian* cheering in that it supports a
librarian's gut reaction that "Only the technodazzled thought they would go
away." I, like you I assume, prefer to be techno savvy and not
technodazzled. The stats were fascinating.

Happy Summer,

Fawn Morgan
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