[Library Media] AASL Call for Responses to the US Department of Education re: EESA

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Fri May 13 08:43:05 MDT 2016

Dear School Library Leaders:
Last week, AASL leadership met with the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Dr. Monique Chism in relation to ESSA and school libraries. The ALA Washington office has also engaged in the DOE ESSA 'listening sessions' on the behalf of AASL and school libraries.

As part of this engagement and transparency, the USDOE has clarified that they are interested in library-specific, general and real-world examples on the following topics: Digital Learning, Personalized Learning, Blended Learning, Openly-Licensed Educational Resources, and Well-Rounded Education.

Please help us advocate for school libraries. Provide, through this easy online form, your very brief examples of one, some, or all of the ESSA education vocabulary.

Also critical is the need for you to share this request with your  local colleagues. The more examples we collect and provide, the more powerful our message for the power and transformative nature of school libraries.
Time is critical, so please follow this link and provide feedback before May 31: http://www.ala.org/aasl/exemplars
As ESSA continues to be unpacked and evolves, we are at a critical juncture and it is imperative that you and the school librarians in your region continue to engage and contribute when we send out a call for assistance.

Thank you for all you do to help your students and community.


Katie Williams
Teacher Librarian, retired
AASL Region 7 Director

Sarah G. Herron
President, Utah Educational Library Media Association
Library Technology Teacher, M. Ed.
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