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Please see Damon's message regarding NoodleTools beta testing.  I know this will be of interest to some of you.

-- Karen

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From: Damon Abilock <damon at noodletools.com<mailto:damon at noodletools.com>>
Subject: NoodleTools beta sandbox opens today. Test drive the update coming this summer!
Date: April 11, 2016 at 11:05:30 AM MDT
To: Karen Krier <karen at uen.org<mailto:karen at uen.org>>

Greetings, Noodlers!

The NoodleTools beta "sandbox" is opening today! The sandbox gives our subscribed librarians and instructors an opportunity to try new features and enhancements coming to NoodleTools this summer.

BEFORE YOU JUMP IN, here's what you need to know:

  1.  The sandbox is for NoodleTools librarians and instructors only, and should not be used for any real work.
  2.  Any work you do in the sandbox is only temporarily saved until the end of May, when it will be deleted and no longer available.
  3.  When you login, you'll see a copy of your own projects, inboxes and work which is a snapshot of your actual NoodleTools account as of March 21st. This allows you to try the new interface using familiar projects. However, note that nothing you do in the sandbox affects the real projects that you access through the live website (www.noodletools.com<http://www.noodletools.com>).
  4.  Since the sandbox is a beta site, it will be regularly updated with new code and bug fixes. We may take it offline occasionally for updates and certain features may become unavailable.
  5.  See our most recent webinar<http://www.noodletools.com/12all/lt.php?c=163&m=162&nl=1&s=b8f6b0338dda430dba6b4b3ceceac530&lid=599&l=-http--noodle.to/webinars> for an overview of some of the features and enhancements that you can play with in the sandbox.


Librarians and teachers can access the sandbox at:


If your school uses Google Apps SSO for access, you will need to email us to obtain a temporary password for sandbox access (with your Google ID as your username). Otherwise, as long as you had a personal folder under an active subscription or trial as of a few weeks ago, you can login with your regular Personal ID and password. If your login is not working, or you didn't have an active subscription or trial, email us and we can enable access for you.

The sandbox will remain open through the end of May.


There are literally hundreds of enhancements - feel free to test-drive everything! If you have limited time, here are some highlights you won't want to miss:

  1.  Sources
     *   Same great forms you love, but yes, we'll be updating NoodleTools to MLA Handbook 8th edition formatting this summer. The sandbox uses 7th edition. Haven't ordered your copy of the new MLA Handbook yet? Go grab yours today!<http://www.noodletools.com/12all/lt.php?c=163&m=162&nl=1&s=b8f6b0338dda430dba6b4b3ceceac530&lid=601&l=-http--amzn.to/1RZmsBQ>
  2.  Notecards and outline
     *   Autosave. The notes automatically save to prevent accidents - and you can revert back to a previous version (see the "Manage Versions" toggle when you edit a notecard).
     *   New editor. We're using an improved editor for the 3 notecard fields (quote, paraphrase/summary, my ideas). You've always been able to embed an image into a notecard - now you can embed a video! Better iPad compatibility, too.
     *   Personalized notecard instructions. We display some default instructions on the three main notecard fields (quotation, paraphrase, and my ideas), but now for each assignment inbox, you can define your own instructions. For example, if you're doing a visual literacy assignment the writing prompts on those three fields could be changed to say: "Paste image here,” "What do you see?” and "What does it mean?”
     *   Simple and elegant. We've redesigned the entire area for efficiency: Single-click to select notecards; new notecards are created directly on the tabletop (no separate staging area); notecard colors are more prominently displayed; you are returned to the last area you worked (tabletop view remembers your place); and much more…
     *   View for feedback. Switch from the "Tabletop” to the "Detail" view for a different way of reading and working with your notecards. Teachers will appreciate it as a simpler view from which to provide feedback, and students can efficiently review the content of their notes and decide where a notecard belongs in their outline.
     *   Outline improvements. Expand the width of the outline panel when working on it. Drag and drop topics to reorganize.
  3.  Collaboration
     *   Real-time sync. Watch in real-time as collaborators work on a project with you -- changes they make are reflected instantly in your view.
     *   More student assessment options. You (and students) can see each collaborator's contribution to the project (number of notecards, sources, and comments) from the dashboard. Sort sources and search notecards by each collaborator's ID to give personal feedback to each student.
  4.  Sharing and feedback
     *   All your feedback in one place. The new interface aggregates all comments into a single easy-to-use panel.
     *   New teacher-student feedback loop. Students can respond to your feedback to ask questions or explain what they've done.
     *   Team communication loop. Students in teams can write comments to their collaborators.
     *   Formative data collection. You can classify your feedback as a comment, question, required change, compliment, or score in order to keep track of the kind of feedback you're giving and the student's responses.
     *   Comment bank. If you have a series of comments you often use, you can save them for re-use.
     *   Alerts. Unread comment indicators show you when you have new questions or feedback to read and respond to.
  5.  And much more...
     *   HTTPS available throughout for improved security.
     *   Responsive design to better serve iPad and tablet users.


See an issue as you're exploring? Please take a minute to report it so that we can get it fixed. To report a bug, please use this form (instead of emailing us directly):



Based on 17 years(!) of experience doing summer updates, we know that mid-July is the best time for a majority of schools. The spring semester has finished and it's early enough to have time to get comfortable with the changes, create tutorials or instruction, and update your LibGuide or library web pages.

As we get closer, we'll let you know when the update will happen - the site will be unavailable for about 24 hours. You don't need to do anything; all schools will be updated automatically.

At the same time that we update the NoodleTools research platform, we will also roll out our new NoodleTools.com<http://NoodleTools.com> website. Get ready for an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly site! As always, zero advertising and no ad tracking or web bugs (see our Privacy Policy<http://www.noodletools.com/12all/lt.php?c=163&m=162&nl=1&s=b8f6b0338dda430dba6b4b3ceceac530&lid=603&l=-http--noodle.to/privacy>). The website will also feature a new help desk with updated tutorials covering the new NoodleTools.

Damon Abilock
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